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Artemis Fowl Movie 2020 Release Date, Cast and Plot and trailer

If you have read all the Artemis Fowl books and you have always fantasized about coming the characters of the book come alive then you must be excited about the movie version of Artemis Fowl. You childhood wish will soon come true because Disney is going to release a movie based on the book Artemis Fowl. You can now enjoy the mastermind criminal young character that is going to turn your life around by making you guess his next move. Your wait has finally come to an end and you will soon be witnessing the epic movie on big screen.

What is the Plot of Artemis Fowl?

We will be seeing a lot of familiar faces in the cast and the sci-fi thriller is going to rock your screens with some thrilling drama. If you have been an avid reader of the book you must know the story of the book. The makers of the film have revealed that they will not be following the book word by word but the film is closely going to follow the storyline of the book. The production team will be taking some creative liberties and going to make some changes here and there.

In case you haven’t read the book or it has been a long time since you have read it we will just give you a bit of a reminder. Artemis Fowl is a story about a 12-year-old boy who is a millionaire and has a criminal mastermind. He continues the family business because his family has a criminal background and his ancestors have been a part of the same field. Following extensive research he happens to find out that fairies do exist in real and he appoints his bodyguard to catch one of the fairies for him.

He catches up a fair that is police chief of the fairyland and holds her up for ransom. He then hopes to use the gold he achieved as a ransom and plans to use that gold to search for his father. His Father is apparently disappeared and his mother has gone mad due to his father’s disappearance.

Cast and Crew: Who is the star cast in the movie?

The trailer: How the movie is going to look like?

The first trailer of the movie was released in November 2018. Another trailer was launched in 2019 but due to some issues the film was pushed ahead to release in 2020. In the first trailer we got to see a glimpse of Artemis and his companion Butler. We also get introduced to the fair world and see the fairies practice their magical powers. We are wondering why some major character are missing from the trailer. We are hoping to see them in the upcoming trailers.

Artemis Fowl: When will we able to see it on the big screen?

In early 2013 Disney announced that they are planning to make a movie version of the book Artemis Fowl. The project took a long time to materialize because Disney was looking for its broadcasting partners. After two decades of the publication of the book the movie version of the book will be hitting the big screen on 29th May 2020.

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