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Stranger Things Season Four: Trailers, Cast & Release Date

 Stranger things will be coming back with a new season and after two years wait this news has been like fresh air for everyone. All the previous seasons of Stranger things have been loved by the audience and they have been getting good appreciation from critics too. The cast and crew are dropping new hints and updates every day and we are sure fans must be in frenzy. Fans are desperately waiting for the sci-fi smash hit stranger things and this is why we have gathered all the important information for the fans.

Will there be a stranger things season 4?

stranger things 3

A lot of rumors are surfacing all over the internet and the happy news is that stranger things season 4 is actually happening. Netflix has confirmed the good news since this Valentine’s Day and the shooting will begin very soon as well. All the impatient fans will now be patient as the news has been confirmed. Netflix has been observing the great feedback from people and this is why it has reached season 4 already. Not many shows are this fortunate that they are loved by everyone and stranger things have been lucky in this case.

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Will season 4 be the final season of Stranger Things?

The show was initially planned to have four seasons but looks like makers and Netflix are planning to extend it a little further. Shawn Levy is the producer and all the child stars in the show are perfect. There is a big possibility that the fourth season will lead to a new season as well. There is so much to explore and the twists will be handled very well. It has now become the hottest property on Netflix and there is a huge demand in the market. We will be getting something bigger and better than before so you all can just wait for the entertaining time to start out.

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What will happen in stranger things season 4?

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There are many questions that were left unanswered in the ending of season three and a lot can be discovered in season 4.The fictional town Hawkins Indiana has been the main place where the show and the background are set. The first few seasons concentrated on the criminal cases and murders of young boys and girls. The other seasons once again will be featuring similar types of stories and the new season will be set in Russia.

A lot of strange things will be happening around and some new horrors stories will be coming to the limelight. There are going to be 8 episodes in total and every episode will have a feeling of thrill and mystery. The direction once again will be top-notch and so will be the performances from all the actors. If you are a fan of horror shows don’t forget to give it a try but you will have to follow all the seasons to know the exact story and details.

When will stranger things season 4 release?

Till now there has been no official confirmation by the makers about the release date. Earlier it was planned that season 4 will be arriving in April but now things are delayed. We can expect the new season to come out by the end of this year. The shooting will be beginning next month so there is hope that it will arrive very soon.

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