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STPeach Net Worth, Career, Biography And All You Need To Know About The Social Media Personality

STPeach is a popular social media personality. She is a renowned vlogger, and streams video games. She has a massive fan following and her major social media platforms have millions of followers. She has made her official account on all popular social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. She is known as STPeach to the world, but her real name is Lisa Peachy. In this post, we will be finding out everything about social media personality. If you are a fan of STPeach then you must read the post below.

Lisa Peachy Biography and Early Life

Lisa Peachy resides in two places and spends her majority of time in California and Canada. If you want to meet up with her then you will have to travel to Los Angeles, California, in the US. The talented star also spends a lot of her time in Bankview, Canada. She was raised in a town in Canada called the Bankview. The population of this town is only 100 people. She has two brothers. Her family still lives in Calgary. STPeach got attracted to internet games when she found her two brothers gaming.

STPeach Career life

Lisa grew up in Calgary which is a small town. The people living in the town are not aware of video games by Lisa was always fond of video games. In October 2015, she opened an account to play video games on Twitch. She attracted a massive following on Twitch and other social media platforms. Her followers are glued to her social media accounts because she plays enjoyable games. Her most loved games include Fortnite, League of Legends, among others.

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STPeach is not only involved with video games alone. She is also an Instagram model. She has around 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Lisa plays the role of a fashion and fitness model. She also has a YouTube account and shares her experiences through her YouTube channel. On this platform, Lisa has around 200,000 subscribers. Lisa has close to 5 million views on her videos. She also has a massive following on Periscope, Snapchat, and Twitter. Lisa Peachy worked as a dental assistant when she was working part-time. After she became famous, she quit this job and focused on gaming videos.

Personal Life

STPeach has green eyes and is 5’5” tall.  She has striking looks that fit her perfectly as a fashion and fitness video. She has an interesting sense of style and attracts on-lookers.

She has a great relationship with her mother and grandmother. She is a pet lover and owns two cats named Leo and Alfred. She describes herself as a shy person. She has an outgoing personality on social media.


STPeach is dated Jay who is her long-term boyfriend. He is a Korean-American man living in the US. They both love video games. When they first met they became friends. In 2011 and 2012, they would play video games together. They met again in 2016 when STPeach attended Twitchcon, California. STPeach found Jay attractive, and they started dating.

They are engaged and got married on 24th May 2019. STPeach is learning Korean so that she can improve her communication with Jay’s parents. This interracial relationship has received great support and racist comments as well.

STPeach’s Net worth

StPeach has an estimated net worth of 2 million USD. She has earned her money from Endorsements, advertisement revenues, and sponsorships. Her net worth is set to increase with her increased following.

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