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Star Trek: Discovery Season 3: Cast, Spoilers, and All You Need To Know

Star Trek Discovery is an American web series that aired on CBS. The show gained a lot of attention and rated high at the time it aired. The audience also appreciated the star cast and the script of the show as the web show offered uniqueness.

The show has been renewed for two seasons already and will be coming out soon with Star Trek Discovery Season 3. If you are curious about what you can expect from the third season then we have gathered all the information for you from various sources on the internet.

Who will be in the star cast of Star Trek Discovery Season 3?

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The actors we saw performing some amazing characters will be returning to the next season as well. The characters still have potential and the actors who have played those characters have done a great job. There is a high possibility that the same actors will be returning for the new season as well. The cast of Star Trek Discovery Season 3 includes:

  • Sonequa Martin-Green
  • Ronnie Rowe
  • Anthony Rapp
  • Mary Wiseman
  • Rachael Ancheril
  • Sara Mitich
  • Emily Coutts
  • Doug Jones
  • Michelle Yeoh
  • Wilson Cruz
  • David Ajala
  • Adil Hussain

What are the spoilers for Star Trek Discovery Season 3?

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The Star Trek Discovery Season 2 had a gripping storyline and with an explosive ending, fans cannot wait for new episodes to come out. In the previous season control, armada ships threatened to destroy life on earth. The heroes saved the earth and defeated the ships. The new episodes are soon going to come out and we are hoping that the show will continue from where it left.

What is the plot of Star Trek Discovery Season 3?

The plot for the new episodes of Star Trek Discovery Season 3 hasn’t been revealed as yet but the show would continue from where it left. Star Trek is a show about scientists who have built the most sophisticated starship ever. They set out on a voyage and collide with a Romulan commander who has a mission to destroy mankind. Humanity will only survive if the heroes of Star Trek find ways to defeat Nero.

Is Star Trek Discovery canceled?

CBS has renewed Star Trek Discovery Season 3 but there are rumors that it might get canceled. The Star Trek Season 2 had a complete ending and there were rumors that the makers might not renew it for another season. Due to coronavirus, the release for many shows and movies has been halted. The production for new shows also has been halted so there are chances that Star Trek might get canceled or delayed.

What is the release date of Star Trek Discovery?

There is no official confirmation on the release date of Star Trek Discovery as CBS hasn’t announced any date to launch the third season. Since there is no news of Star Trek’s new season being shot so there might be a delay in the release of the show. If Star Trek Discovery gets renewed then we can expect the show to release in 2021. We cannot expect the show to release in 2020 as the production hasn’t started.

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