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Spirits Of Amazonia Part 2: Release Date, Gameplay, Features And More Details

Spirits Of Amazonia is a popular video game and it has won the hearts of millions of gamers. The first part of the game had interesting and engaging gameplay. The video game is addictive and the gamers still can’t get enough of the first part. The Spirits Of Amazonia Part 2 is one of the most anticipated video games and the gamers cannot wait to play the next part of the video game. Here is all you need to know about the Spirits Of Amazonia Part 2.

Spirits Of Amazonia Part 2 Release Date

Green Hall has developed the popular video game Spirits Of Amazonia. The game was an instant hit with the gamers and this convinced the developers to develop the second part of the game. Spirits of Amazonia will be releasing the next part of its last expansion. The next DLC, Spirits Of Amazonia Part 2, will be releasing on June 22nd. The game will be releasing for all video game consoles.

Spirits Of Amazonia Part 1

green hell

Spirit Of Amazonia Part 1 was released in January 2021. The video game was an instant success and featured a lot of new areas, missions, and different options for the players to take off from the general story mode. There are many different paths that must be concluded and the next part may take the story of the game forward. The players were not abandoned and were left off on their own mini cliffhangers. The cliffhangers need some closure and it will be done in the next part.

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Spirits Of Amazonia Part 2

The players will be getting a Part 2, which will be adding a ton of content and will give several new options to play with that you didn’t have before. Every level in the game will be challenging and might not be to your liking. The developers have added new enemies who are a lot tougher to deal with as compared to the enemies in the last part. The players will get a 2-handed ax and some other goodies that will be of great help to players.

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Spirits Of Amazonia Gameplay

spirits of amazonia

In Part 1 of the Spirits of Amazonia the, players played the main protagonist Jake. He befriended an Amazonian tribe and set on his mission. In Part 2, the journey that he started off was continued. The game featured interesting new Tribal Legends and new animals. The fully revised map areas made things easier for the players to move to the next level. See below for all that Spirits of Amazonia Part 2 has in store for players!

  • The players will enjoy all-new Tribal Legends
  • The areas will be revamped and the players can switch to the base Green Hell Story Mode
  • A new hunting tribe, the Un’garaca, will offer several new activities to the players that include healing and drums
  • Face new dangerous enemies
  • Enemies beware! Jake will now be equipped with a wicked 2-handed axe!
  • New animals will enter into the game, the black panther and small tapir
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