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Spiritfarer review, Plot, Release Date & More

Spiritfarer is a wonderful and exciting game that will steal your heart and soul. Some of the players already love it and if you haven’t tried it yet you are missing out a lot. Video games usually feature death and other violent elements like intense battle sessions. Killing the opponents may seem a little fun for some while others may not like it much. However, with this game, you can feel assured that it is neither violent nor tragic. Today we will be discussing all the details regarding Spiritfarer so keep reading below.

What is Spiritfarer about?

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Spiritfarer is an innovative game that chooses not to mourn the death rather it celebrates the life and considers death as a part of the cycle. In Mexican culture, you will witness that the people mourn the death of people by observing a special day and this is what has been shown in the game. The player has to act as Stella who is a young woman and she suddenly wakes up on a boat into an unknown place. You can keep your wholesome energy going by playing some of the most important aspects and features of this game.

Charon is a scary character and refers to Greek Mythology is an innovative way. Stella is also an interesting character and being the player you have to keep her safe. They are dressed up in warm, cozy, and aesthetic designs of clothes. You can win some bonuses to keep the game going and move from one location to the other. The experience of playing the game is wonderful as it will feel like you are sailing on the boat all by yourself. The open world is full of spirits and it will be introduced in 2D quality.

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What is the gameplay of Spiritfarer?

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The gameplay of the game is quite easy and it will not take much time for you to learn the basics. The graphics are quite visually appealing and it will feel like you are into a fantasy world altogether. The 2D open world is full of spirits and some of them may join you on the boat and they may transform into an animal. While playing the game you have to take care of the needs. Preparing their meals and creating a roof on their heads will be a suitable thing to do if you want to earn a good score.

The spirits will be then ready to go to the other world altogether and you will lead to winning the rounds. In short, you have to keep the spirits happy with the help of Stella. Finding the necessary resources and taking care of the activities on-board will keep your score level high. The mechanism is playful and the graphics are appealing for the professional as well as new players. The animations are heartwarming and you will fall in love with the entire set up.

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What is the release date of Spiritfarer?

Spiritfarer is going to release by the end of this year and Thunder Lotus is the developers of the game. You can play it on various platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux. The game is free to play and don’t have to invest any money in it.

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