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Solo Leveling Season 2 Updated New Release Date, Spoilers, Recap and All you need to know

Solo leveling season 2 is a popular South Korean manga series and just finished its first season. The first season ended on a high note and we also discovered the truth behind Sung Jin woo super powers. Solo Leveling season 2 would soon be out and in this post we will be giving you spoilers about the season 2 plots and storyline. If you are a fan of the manga series we will be letting you know about the entire gossip surround the series.

Solo Leveling Summary and Recap

The final chapter of the Solo Leveling season 1 wrapped up the story and left some lose ends to kick start the season 2 with a twist. The plot of Solo leveling season 1 revolved around the character of Jin woos. He is a hunter by profession and we see him fighting with the monsters in season 1. The season 2 would be focused on Jin Woo adventures and since his father is missing in season 1 the plot would shift towards Jin Woo finding his father. Also we would be witnessing Jin woo as a super hero and a national hunter and China and USA would be seen fighting over Jin woo.

Both the nations would try to bring Jin woo down as he is getting more powerful. Some fans have predicted that we might be able to see a fight between Sung Jin woo and the national hunter.

In which language Solo Leveling has been released?

The manga series has become quite popular and has been dubbed in various languages including English. The original language in which the manga has been released is Korean but the dubbed versions have made it possible for people worldwide to enjoy the series.

Solo Level 111 Speculations and Spoilers

The season one of Solo level has ended and people are anxiously waiting for a new season. The second season is going to feature intense battles as Cha Hae-in fights with the shadows. There will be loads of national level hunters from many countries who are going to join the battle. The character of Jin-Woo is going to explore a little more and people will be interested to know how it all goes. We will know much more about the systems and how they all work. New season is mainly going to revolve around the character of Jin-woo and how he fights with the shadows surrounding him.

The shadow Monarch is dangerous and we will have a lot of interest to see how Jin-woo deal with them. In the previous seasons only 45-50% story has been covered and a lot more has to be revealed. The webtoon is very interesting and people are in love with it since the first season came out. It is going to be released in weekly chapters and each chapter will have little breaks in between. The authors and artists will prepare a lot for this manhwa to entice the fans once again.

Can you read Solo leveling chapter 111 online?

There is still no official website from where you can read solo leveling chapter 111.There is only one option that is Kakao Page magazine and you can read the story on this magazine.

What is the release date Solo Leveling season 2?

Even though fans are anxiously waiting for the new season we still don’t have any concrete news about the official release date. No news has arrived from the makers yet and there is a speculation that the series will come out once the outbreak of coronavirus settles down. The tentative release date as of now is May 4th, 2020.

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