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New Diamond Marvel Gallery Skrull and Bishop Statues Out In The Market Soon

Diamond Select Toys will be surprising the fans of Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics will be revealing some brand new statues for the fans. If you are a Marvel fan and have set up your Marvel Gallery, then we have some great news for you. You can upgrade your Marvel Gallery and can add some amazing statues to your wardrobe. In this post, we will be sharing all the exciting details about the launch of the new statues of Marvel Comics.

Statues On the Way To The Market

Tow statues are on the way and will be coming out in the market soon. The first statue to be out will be the X-Men statue. The X-Man out of time will be back with Diamond’s new Bishop statue. The statue will be limited to 3000 pieces and stands 12″ tall. The statues will be based on comic appearances and will have a similar appearance and style. Bishop will be loaded with great detail. A great sculpt will capture this legendary X-Men in his natural habitat. The Marvel Select Bishop is available at the price of $250 and will be releasing in January 2022.

Debut Of The Skull Statue

Diamond will take on the comic fans on a ride to space. They will be revealing their newest extraterrestrial statue which will be named Skrull. Skrull will be a shape-shifting alien and will be taking on a fight to the Avengers. You can add Skrull to your amazing collection of this detailed statue. The statue will stand 10″ tall and will have all the bad guy attributes. It will be a nice addition to any cosmic collection. The Pre-orders for this wonderful Marvel Gallery Comic Skrull will be priced at $49.99. The invasion set will be releasing in January 2022.

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Comic Skrull PVC statue will have a monster like appearance. The enemy will be revealed in this all-new Gallery Diorama. It will throw a spotlight on the Marvel’s most insidious alien races. The introduction of the Skrulls will be  a surprise to the fans of the Marvel Comics. The statue will depict a Skrull warrior and will have a weapon in its hand. The statue will have shape-shifter stands that will be around10 inches tall. The architectural base of the statue will be strong and durable. The statue is designed in high-quality PVC, and features detailed sculpting. The statue will be packaged in a full-color window box. It has been designed as well as sculpted by Paul Harding!”


The X-Man comes out of time where there is a grim future. The X-Men Bishop will be a companion of the Xavier’s Security Enforcers.  Bishop is now the latest statue that will be introduced to the Marvel Premier Collection. It will be wielding a blaster and will gather up a charge in his other hand. The statue will have an energy-absorbing mutant and will be standing 12 inches tall. The statue is comic-based and will be limited to just 3000 pieces. The statue will come in a full-color box. It will be sculpted by Joe Allard, sculpted by Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra!”

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