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The Top 5 Einthusan Alternatives 2020

Nowadays movies and web series are a common source of entertainment for many people. There are many online streaming websites that can fulfill the demands of everyone. Einthusan is a popular video streaming site where you can watch many movies and songs. They are available in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, Chinese, and many other languages. One of the best and most unique parts of this site is that you don’t have to spend your money. It is completely free to use and the quality is very high too.

If you are a fan of South Asian shows you will be happy to know that Einthusan is full of many such movies. It boasts of 5000 legally licensed movies and they offer a huge level of entertainment. Some people complain that there are a lot of ads featured on this site. If you don’t want to see them popping up you can go for the premium version of $25U.Unfortunately due to copyright issues that site is blocked in various countries. In this post, we will talk about the top 5 alternatives for Einthusan 2020.


There is no doubt that HotStar is one of the best online streaming websites. It has got a huge collection of movies and dramas basically Indian and you can watch them for free. Even if you want to watch from your Smartphone or android it offers a great platform for them.

Box TV

Box TV is another alternative to Einthusan that contains a lot of video content. It includes both Hollywood and Bollywood movies, TV shows, and a lot more. The quality is HD but you have to pay some amount of money to stream it online. Just like all the other popular websites, it has an individual app for iPhone and Android users.


You will be surprised to know that YouTube has one of the largest collections of songs and videos on their platform. It is easy to download everything without any money as it is one of the largest platforms on the internet. It is a good way to share and search for videos. The best part is that it also gives the user a chance to upload and share their videos on a channel. Nowadays many people are earning through it. The platform contains one of the largest movie and song collection on the internet.

Yupp Videos

If you are searching for an alternative to Einthusan you can try watching your favorite movies or TV shows on Yupp Videos. It is a perfect app for those people who are interesting in having some entertainment without any cost. You can easily find a lot of video content in different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, and many other languages.


GoFilms4U is a free website where you can stream one of your favorite songs, videos, and films. It will help you watch full-length movies online without any hindrance. You don’t need any premium subscription as the site offers free downloading without any fee. The available videos are in high resolution and it doesn’t matter how long you want to watch them. There are no ads that will pop up on the screen which is a relief.

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