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Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 9: Release Date, Preview, and Spoilers

Sing Yesterday for me is a Japanese Manga which is getting popular each day. After achieving decent ratings in Japan it is now getting popularity in other parts of the world too. Viewers are interested to check out spoilers and waiting for the reviews to come out. The latest episode of Sing Yesterday for me has left the viewers breathless waiting for more. Fans are waiting for the new episode to release this weekend and we have all the information for you.

Plot and Review on Sing yesterday for me

The plot of Sing Yesterday for me revolves around many friends. Uozumi reaches home and is astonished to see Shinako waiting for him. They become shy to talk about their true feelings with each other. Shinako is curious to know whether he has left his job but he explains it to her that he is hired full time. After quitting his job at the store he has got another wonderful option. Uozumi usually takes Shinako to her house but is unable to explain real feelings to her. The other day Haru waits for Uozumi and they enjoy drinks together. On the other side, Uozumi is noticing that she has been avoiding him for many days. There is a new preview released for the upcoming week and you can catch up with all the fun. It is an exciting series and the concept is youth-oriented. You can connect with all the characters quite easily. With all the ups and downs in the lives of Uozumi and Shinako we keep on asking will they be able to tell each other they are in love.

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What can we expect from Episode 9 of Sing yesterday for me?

Uozumi has continuously been seeing that Shinako is lost in her own thoughts even when they are walking home together. They later have another meeting with friends but the distance between them was not decreasing. Morita explains to all friends that she feels lonely when all of them are not together. Fukuda seems sad as he has missed out on such a big opportunity to deal with an important matter. Uozumi finishes her beer and moves out of the apartment while other friends are busy comparing each other. Haru is always interested in Uozumi and wanted to share his feelings of lover for her.

The new bagel game is the talk of the town and for the next plan among friends this game is chosen as the final entertaining method. Uozumi keeps working hard and in the end, he becomes a full part employee. Haru seems to be falling in love with Shinako even more. He goes to her workplace and makes her happy but she still has her heart set for someone else. Uozumi is worried to see all this happening even though he hasn’t shared his feelings for her.

Episode 9 release date of Sing yesterday for me

Sing yesterday for me latest episode will be released on Sunday that is 31st May 2020. For people who don’t live in Japan, they will have to wait till Saturday. Every Sunday a new episode is released and there is a lot of fun romance and thrill inside. The show is getting very interesting and we can’t wait for it to come out. If you want more updates keep checking out this space!

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