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WhatsApp Dark Mode Guide: How to enable WhatsApp Dark Mode android and iOS

WhatsApp is finally going to launch a new version of the app that will allow the users to turn on the Dark Mode. Dark Mode will help the users to avoid eye fatigue and it will make it easier for the users to use the chat application the low light. In this guide, we will be guiding you on how to turn on the dark mode and enjoy using the application at night time.


WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android and iOS

WhatsApp has finally upgraded the application that allows turning on the Dark Mode feature in android and iOS devices. You will now be able to use the application with a lot more ease and can message your friends and family comfortably even in the low light. The team behind WhatsApp was beta testing the dark mode feature for a long time because there was a high public demand for the feature. The good news is that the developers have finally rolled out the Dark Mode features in the latest version of WhatsApp. The user experience would be enhanced by turning on the dark mode feature and your eyes would be saved from the disaster and fatigue. So what are you waiting for a turn on the Dark mode and enjoy the endless benefits?

Whats are the Benefits of Using Dark Mode on WhatsApp

Using dark mode on the smart phone has several benefits and it can allow you to message your friends and family in a peaceful environment. The obvious benefit of the dark mode is that it saves your eyes from fatigue. The other great advantage is that it prevents the smartphone from illuminating light in all parts of the room during the dark night. Phone manufacturers have added the dark mode feature in their devices and now WhatsApp developers have taken the wise step to add dark mode to the application. Another great benefit of the dark mode is that it enables you to save the battery life and you will be allowed to use for phone for a longer time without charging it.

How do I turn on Dark Mode on WhatsApp on android?

If you want to enable the dark mode on your phone you need to begin with installing the latest version of WhatsApp. People that own Android 10 or iOS 13 just have to turn on the dark mode on their device and when the user does that the app automatically adjusts to the settings of the phone.  People that are using a regular android phone will have to manually turn on the dark mode feature on WhatsApp. To do this you just have to open the WhatsApp application and go to the settings section. From there you have to click the chat tab and then the theme tab. This is where you will find the option of dark mode and you just have to turn it on to enable the dark mode on your android phone or iOS. You might have to restart your device to see the dark mode activated on your phone.

  • Go to The WhatsApp settings
  • Select The “chats
  • Select The “theme
  • now you will able to select “dark” to enable dark mode in your WhatsApp
WhatsApp Dark Mode settings
WhatsApp Dark Mode settings

How do I make WhatsApp dark in iOS?

If you are an iOS user and you want to turn on the dark mode you must open the WhatsApp application first. From there you have to move on to the settings section. Press the Chat section and then you will have to scroll down a little bit. After scrolling down you will see a Solid color option and choose some dark color and press set. Once you are done doing that restart your device and enjoy using the dark mode.

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