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Shows That Were Canceled By Netflix In 2020

There is a huge list of shows that get canceled by Netflix each year. Mostly the shows that don’t do well in terms of ratings are canceled but there can be some exceptions too. You will be delighted to know that most of the success stories usually continue with sequels or more seasons. Unfortunately, some shows don’t get to survive even if the fan following remains high. Netflix always believes in giving quality shows to their audiences and you have the option to watch anything you like. Today we will talk about those shows that were canceled by Netflix in 2020.



Osmosis got good appreciation from the audience but it was canceled by Netflix after the first season itself. It is a science fiction drama that is set in the coming future. The series stars Agathe Bonitzer and Vincent Renaudet as they are the most loved actors.


mortel 1

Mortel is a supernatural series that revolved around creepy and paranormal activities. The story is about those teenagers who gain superpowers as they get in contact with some unknown people. Sadly the show was canceled after completing the first season.



The first season of Marianne was released in September 2019. All the fans were curious to know if it will come out with a new season or not. However, it was not renewed by Netflix. The story of this series revolves around the character of Stephen King. He is roaming around the new world and eighteen century so you will be curious to know what happens to him.



The soundtrack is another impressive series from Netflix but couldn’t continue with the new seasons. It is a musical drama that gives a lot of importance to all the characters. The series is directed by Joshua Safran but couldn’t continue to excite the audience for long.

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Spinning out

spinning out

Spinning out revolves around a young ice skater. The twist arrives when he gets into an accident and it is hard for him to revive his career. The series also lays a lot of importance on Baker Family and a lot of happenings around them attract the audience. The series was released on 1st January 2020 and canceled after the first season.

AJ and the Queen

aj and the queen

AJ and the Queen weren’t loved by the critics and got mixed reviews from audiences. Netflix concluded that it is better not to continue it with a new season. It revolves around a woman who travels to America and gets into lot f adventures. The series premiered on 10th January 2020 but was canceled after the first season.



Messiah is an exciting show that revolves around a CIA officer named Eva Geller. She investigates all the cases with full attention. She gets in contact with a person who claims to be a divine personality and lots of followers follow him. He is a con artist but his followers believe he has the capacity to create miracles and make things happen.If you haven’t watched these shows yet you can try watching them!

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