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Leaked image offers another hint of 100x digital zoom on the Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy range has been around for a while and people can’t stop purchasing the phones from the Galaxy family because they are exceptionally good. With so many great features and amazing specifications of Galaxy, the launch of new Galaxy phones is always a big event. Various websites spread leaks and rumors about the Galaxy phones and the rumors mills are rife about the 100x digital zoom on the Galaxy S20 Ultra now. What do the rumors exactly say and what is to be expected from the camera of S20 Ultra we will fill you in with all the details. Read on to get updated with the latest news about the S20 Ultra.

Leaked Image gives us a hint about the 10x Digital Zoom in Galaxy Ultra S20

We have been hearing so much about the Galaxy S20 Ultra before its launch and various websites have given us updates on the phone. Recently an image of the S20 has been leaked and it gives a lot of information about the rear camera of the precious phone. The image was posted by Ishan Agarwal who is a famous Tipster on Twitter and the image shows the 10 X Digital Zoom possibilities in the S20 Ultra.

The feature would be probably be restricted to the most expensive phone of the S20 family and the phone might be inside the buying range of the super-rich. Even though most of us won’t be able to buy it we might hope for getting it for us second hand. At least the phone with such a great feature will be out in the market and that alone is enough for us. It gives us the hope that we might get our hands on the phone someday. The image that has leaked has is matching up with all the specs that have been leaked before so we can expect a quad lens camera on the back of S20. 100 X label would be attached with the periscope camera on the Ultra S20 and would make the phone a wonderful buy.

What do optical 100 x Digital Zoom mean?

Since we promised you to give you all the insights about the rear camera of the phone there might be a few of you who don’t know what a 100 x digital zoom is. For the starters, Optical zoom is zooming in the picture and still not comprising on the picture’s quality. The feature benefits you and even though you zoom the picture the detailing and quality don’t get spoiled. Apple and Google are paying special attention to the algorithms and also depend on digital enhancement to make the pictures become flawless. The thin line between digital and optical zoom is getting blur. With such things coming into a picture we are eagerly waiting to see which medium S20 will adopt to make your camera experience a lot better than before.

When is Galaxy Ultra S20 release date?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 would be launching sometime in March. Samsung is, however, going to hold an event where they will be revealing the official information about the phone. February 11 is going to be the reveal date of the phone and we would probably be getting a lot more insight into the phone. We know what to expect from the phone because there have been several leaks about the phone. The manufacturers are going to unravel the actual details about the Galaxy S20 Ultra now and there will be no room left for the rumors anymore.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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