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Shepard Smith Net Worth, Bio, Career, Wife, Kids & Salary Highlights

Shepard Smith is an American television news anchor. He has gained a lot of name, fame, and fortune through this career. You will be surprised to know that he joined Fox since its inception and has been a part till 2019. During his 23 year career and association with Fox, he became one of the most recognized faces for the channel. While working for Fox he hosted Fox report, Studio B, and Shepard Smith reporting.

All these shows gained a high level of success on Fox and made him an overnight celebrity. When he announced that he is quitting Fox it came as a huge shock for many. After leaving the channel he joined NBC and CNBC but gained a lot of appreciation here too. Let’s get to know more about her personal and professional life.

Early Life

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Shepard was born on 14th January 1964 in Mississippi and he is 57 years old currently. He was raised in a simple household as his parents were associated with cotton trading. Shepard was into homeschooling for some time but graduated from a reputed university. His mother moved from Florida and he completed his studies in Journalism. According to many sources he has not completed his degree and dropped out after few courses.

Beginning of career

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Shepard started his career in Journalism as a news correspondent for a local TV news station. He has served Fox for many years altogether but quit after 23 years. After that, he joined NBC and CNBC and is now serving as a general news anchor. His recent show ‘A current fair’ is gaining a lot of popularity among people. He has always worked hard behind the care that made him achieve a lot of success. Shepard’s show got into some controversy when he made some comments on Trump and some other issues which were not received well. However, he has always maintained his success among people.

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Salary and Net Worth

The total net worth of Shepard happens to be $25 million. His yearly salary has always been $ 10 million per year which is massive. He has extended his contract with different channels that are worth $10 or more per year. Shepard has purchased a house in Newyork that is worth $4.9 million. The apartment is located inside a luxurious building named Greenwich. It is spread on a large area of 2,341 square feet. The house is very beautiful and it has got the perfect ceilings, hardwood floors and marbles in the bathrooms. His house is visually appealing and has got every luxury inside.

Relationships and Marriage

Many people are curious to know about his relationships and dating history. In 1987 he got married to Virginia Donald and they both met at Mississippi University. The couple got divorced and it was a shocking revelation for his fans too. The news that reached the media was that he is in a relationship with a man since 2012. Giovanni Graziano is his boyfriend as he is a homosexual so couldn’t sustain his marriage. Many fans like him for being honest about his relationships.

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