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Shaquille ONeal Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, Biography And More

Shaquille O’Neal is an American basketball player who has retired from his game for some time. He is also an entrepreneur and a television host. He earned $292 million in salary during his NBA days. He earned around $200 million from endorsements and has been retired for many years.

Early Life

Shaquille O’Neal was born on March 6th, 1972 in Newark, New Jersey. His father was addicted to drugs and he was imprisoned due to drug possession when O’Neal was young. His father abandoned Shaq when he was born. He was estranged from his father for many years. The family moved from Newark and started living in Germany and Texas. When O’Neal was still in high school, he gained attention for his basketball talent. O’Neal enrolled in the Louisiana State University and became a two-time SEC player.

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NBA Superstar

O Neil

O’Neal became the first overall pick and was signed for the Orlando Magic. He was awarded the title of Rookie of the Year and was voted a Star-starter.  O’Neal was injured in the 1995-96 seasons, but his team Orlando Magic finished the regular season.

O’Neal was signed for the men’s Olympic basketball team in Atlanta. The team was highly successful and earned an Olympic gold medal. It was during the Olympics that O’Neal joined the Los Angeles Lakers. O’Neal paired up with Kobe Bryant, and the two became the game’s biggest names on one team. O’Neal experienced an injury and his career was halted for some time. Shaquille and the Lakers won the NBA championship and won the title in the next two years in a row.

O’Neal signed with the Miami Heat in 2004. The same year, Shaq signed a 5-year contract and earned a total of $100 million. In 2008, O’Neal’s signed long-term contracts with several teams. The same year he was traded to the Phoenix Suns and began his rookie season. He played the first season with the team and played many one-year stints.

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Player Profile

O Neil

Shaq is 7 feet one inch tall and his shoe size is 23. He became famous and gained a lot of attention because of his physical stature. This gave him a distinct advantage and he could easily become prominent against his opponents. This increased the strength and stability of the backboards.

Shaquille O’Neal Salary

Shaquille has an estimated net worth of $400 million.

  • 1992-93 Orlando Magic $3,000,000
  • 1993-94 Orlando Magic $3,900,000
  • 1994-95 Orlando Magic $4,800,000
  • 1995-96 Orlando Magic $5,700,000
  • 1996-97 Los Angeles Lakers $10,714,000
  • 1997-98 Los Angeles Lakers $12,857,143
  • 1998-99 Los Angeles Lakers $15,000,000
  • 1999-00 Los Angeles Lakers $17,142,858
  • 2000-01 Los Angeles Lakers $19,285,715
  • 2001-02 Los Angeles Lakers $21,428,572
  • 2002-03 Los Angeles Lakers $23,571,429
  • 2003-04 Los Angeles Lakers $24,749,999
  • 2004-05 Miami Heat $27,696,430
  • 2005-06 Miami Heat $20,000,000
  • 2006-07 Miami Heat $20,000,000
  • 2007-08 Phoenix Suns $20,000,000
  • 2008-09 Phoenix Suns $21,000,000
  • 2009-10 Cleveland Cavaliers $20,000,000
  • 2010-11 Boston Celtics $1,352,181

Total career NBA earnings = $292,198,327

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