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Shane Richie Net Worth, Career, Salary, Relationships, Bio & Age

Shane Richie is a British actor, comedian, and singer. He has gained all the name and fame due to his profession. Shane has got many fans from all over the world. He is best known for starring in the soap opera East Enders. If this isn’t enough he has also been hosting a lot of soap operas and many other game shows. Whenever he is on screen he has a unique appeal and people are mesmerized by his personality. Here are more details about the iconic actor and comedian.


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Shane was born on March 11th, 1964 and he is 56 years old currently. He was born and raised in England and led a simple childhood. His parents always supported him and his siblings are also very close to him. His height is six feet and even when he was young many friends recommended that he should be an actor. Although he didn’t take it seriously at first but decided to have it as his profession. During his college, he took some acting classes and also realized that his comic timings are perfect. After getting done with their studies he moved on to start an acting career.

Net Worth

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The total net worth of Shane happens to be around $20 million while his salary has also been high. During his peak, he used to earn a huge amount as his salary. Even though he isn’t very active at work he still makes a lot of effort to be a part of the industry. His fans want to see more of him as he has been their favorite soap opera actor. He is leading a lavish and luxurious life and his children are his pillars of support. Shane has always kept a clean image and doesn’t have any controversies in his name.

Personal Life, Wife, Marriage

Shane Richie got married to a British TV host named Coleen Nolan. The marriage couldn’t work out and they parted ways. He found love once again and got married to Christie Goddard. He has got two sons and three daughters. Shane hasn’t shared much information about his siblings and parents but he is fond of them. Jake, Mackenzie and Shane Jr, Lolita, and Romani are his children’s names. He posts a lot of pictures with his family and his fan following on social media is also high.

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Shane Richie started his acting career with small roles. Due to his popularity, he got the chance to work for many big directors. He has always chosen diverse roles and fans have loved whatever has done. One of these most famous works has been in east Enders and people still remember him because of this series. Due to his hard work and talent, he has also won many prestigious awards in his career. He has worked for many films and shows so some of them are mentioned below.

  • V series Redwater
  • Benidorm
  • Distant Shadow
  • Risen
  • The Reverend
  • Prisoners of the Sun
  • Once Around the Sun
  • A Country Soul in 2017
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