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Shaheen Air The Best Pakistani Private Airline

Are you planning to travel from Pakistan? If that is the case then we suggest you consider using Shaheen Air. It is one of the best private airlines that offer the best services and domestic flights. You will get the tickets at the best rates and the travel experience would be the best one. The headquarters of Shaheen Air is at Jinnah International airport Karachi. The airline was set up in 1993 by Khalid Mehmood Sehbai.

What are the facilities provided by Shaheen Air?

You can enjoy a variety of catering menu and can order a wide range of cuisines from around the world. You will also be able to enjoy personalized service when you are flying in the sky. Shaheen Air gives you a wide choice to eat and enjoy local and international dishes that are prepared by experienced chefs and are well prepared in a hygienic environment.

The airline is Karachi based and provides the best and finest dining experience. You will be offered Halal meat and don’t have to worry about eating meat. You will also be able to enjoy the new and latest TV shows. If you love Bollywood movies then you will be able to enjoy the latest movies.

Shaheen Airlines offer the in-flight entertainment system and can match up to the level of foreign airlines. Shaheen Air has the best team and provides you with the best hospitality. Special assistance is offered to pregnant women and wheelchairs will be provided for the disabled.

What are the check-in details of Shaheen Air?

Shaheen Air doesn’t offer online check-in but they might allow that because they are working on it. If you are traveling domestically then the passengers are required to arrive at the airport two hours prior to their flight. The passengers that are traveling to another country then they must arrive four hours before their departure.

How can you contact Shaheen Air?

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If you are considering using Shaheen Air for your domestic or international travel then you might be curious about the contact details of Shaheen Air. We have gathered information about the contact details of the airlines. You can get in touch with the team and book your flight now.

Head Office Contact Number and Address

The following is the Shaheen airlines head office. It includes the contact number and physical address of the head office.

Head Office Address

Terminal-1 Road, Jinnah
International Airport, Karachi
75200, Pakistan

Head Contact Number 24/7

This contact number of Shaheen airhead office is available 24/7 and the wonderful customer support team is always there to give you the best support.

+92-21- 111 80 80 80

Head Office Email Address

You will get instant replies from the team at Shaheen Airline. The following is the email address.

Email address for bookings, information, and complaints
[email protected]
[email protected]

Phone Numbers

You can also call on one of these numbers:

+92-21-99242951, 99242952, 99242953, 99242954, 99242955, 99242956, 99242957

Fax Number

You can also send a fax and get in touch with Shaheen Airline.

UAN : +92-21-111707070

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