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Seraph of the End Chapter 92: Release Date, Spoilers, And Updates

Seraph is a popular Japanese Manga and today we will be talking about it. A lot of twists are happening in the Manga and we are sure you all must be excited to know what is going to happen next. Hyakuya Sect is a deadly gang and they are always out on different missions. This time their mission is to burn Shibuya. The Kureto orders everyone and the gang has been chasing others for some time now. Ferid and Crowley happen to meet Imperial Demon who is an army soldier and he is the one who is after the Hyakuya sect. Ferid and Crowley are vampire type persons who drink blood and are after different people. In this post, we will discuss Seraph of the End chapter 92 so let’s get started.

What happened in the previous episode of Seraph of the end chapter 92?

Ferid and Crowley are blood-sucking vampires but now Ferid is telling Crowley to become a human. He has to drink the blood of the soldier they have hunted down. They both are not in a mood until they kill others and hunt the blood of them. Saito is badly injured and it was astonishing to see that the lower side of this body and chest is totally missing. According to Ferid, he has come down to kill Saito because he is the one who loves his father a lot.

Ferid is still confused as he still believes that his father should be one who can teach his sons for whatever they have to. Ferid keeps on reminding Crowley that he has killed everyone closer to him but nothing in the world has changed. Saito is blocking all the attacks which are happening through Saito but the results are quite challenging for now.

Updates on Seraph of the End Chapter 92

There are a lot of twists going on because of Ferid and he has been tied down by Saito. He tries to turn him back into a human but it seems nothing is going in everyone’s favor. Ferid believes he is a saint and he is meant to be for the throne Saito is trying to escape from the situation and is after a magical or sinful key. He thinks that chasing people for over 100 years will be easy and unforgettable. The attacks between all the parties are going on and whether Ferid, Crowley, and Saito win will have to be seen.

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Where can you read Seraph of the End chapter 92?

The Seraph of the End Chapter 92 will be available on VIZ media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus and other official platforms. Usually, the raw scans of chapters are available for the users two or three days before the actual release. It is better if you try to wait for the official updates to come out and wait for it to be uploaded on VIZ media. The digital copies from the official websites can read or downloaded and it is also available in English subtitles.

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When will Seraph of the End Chapter 92 releases?

Seraph of the End Chapter 92 will be releasing on Friday 3rd July 2020. The new chapter is released every month and there are unlimited excitement and twists in store. Don’t forget to read the new chapter as soon as it comes out.

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