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Selena Gomez Net Worth, Career Details, Biography And More

Selena Gomez is an American actress and a singer. She is also a songwriter and has written many of her songs. Selena is also one of the most popular figures on social media and is active on many social media platforms. She has 25 million followers on TikTok and approximately 200 million followers on Instagram.

Net Worth

Selena Gomez has an estimated net worth of $75 million as of 2020. The actress and singer have accumulated her net worth through her successful singing, songwriting, and acting career. She has achieved a massive success which has resulted in a big amount of net worth. She has worked for nearly two decades in the entertainment industry and is still achieving success.

Early Life

Selena Gomez was born in Grand Praire, Texas on July 22, 1992. She was born to parents Ricardo Joel Gomez and actress Amanda Dawn (Mandy) Cornett. Selena was born when her mother was just sixteen years old. Her parents got divorced when she was only five and she grew up with her mother. Her mother struggled and wasn’t able to provide them with a good income and support.

Early Career

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Selena made her debut on television with the show Barney and Friends from 2002 – 2004. She played the character of “Gianna” on Barney and was a part of the show for 14 episodes. She was paired opposite fellow actor Demi Lovato. She also played a cameo role in the film Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over in 2003. Selena was also a part of Disney’s popular show Hannah Montana in 2007.

Acting Career

Selena became a popular name with her role in the drama Wizards of Waverly Place which aired in 2007-2012. Wizards franchise released two movies that became a success. Selena was paid $30,000 for each episode of the show. She was also a part of several films and has her own production company, July Moon Productions.

Selena Gomez Earnings from Instagram

Selena is one of the most-followed people on Instagram. She has around 1950 million followers. But for some time Cristiano Ronaldo was competing with her with 215 million followers. Her followers have been beaten by The Rock and Ariana Grande now. Selena earns worth $3.5 million for her each post. She earns around $500,000 to $800,000 for a sponsored post. Selena makes an estimated $10-15 million per year with her posts on Instagram.

Personal Life

Selena dated Nick Jonas for a brief period of time. She was also rumored to have an on-again-off-again relationship with the pop-star, Justin Bieber. Their relationship was stressful to Selena and she even went to a rehabilitation facility to get herself treated for depression. Selena and Justin dated for two years but broke up. They later got back together again and had an on-off relationship from 2013 to 2017. They were rumored to have broken up once and for all in March 2008. Her ex-boyfriends are now married and she has also found a new love in the Canadian singer The Weeknd.

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