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Sarah Palin Net Worth, Political Career, Early Life, Bio, Dating & Relationships

Sarah Palin is an American politician, author, and renowned television personality. She is an elegant and sophisticated speaker and has been dealing with the entire political issues well. You don’t need any introduction as everyone already knows that she is a political figure in the USA. She has been on a run for Vice President along with John McCain in 2008. If this isn’t enough she has also got the chance to become the ninth Governor of Alaska but she resigned after 2009. If you want to know more about this political figure read on below.

Bio and Early Life

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Sarah Palin was born on Feb 11th, 1964 in Sandpoint Idaho, and is currently 56 years old. She has a dynamic personality while her height is five feet and six inches. You will be surprised to know that she belonged to a simple household and was raised well with three other siblings. During her childhood, her family relocated many times so she had to change schools often. Throughout her school years, she was interested in sports and also played flute in the band of the school. Everyone used to compliment her for her good looks and she took a part in the beauty pageant. She won the Miss Alaska pageant that gave her some amount of success. Sarah completed her studies at the University of Alaska and earned her degree in communication.

Political career

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After getting done with her graduation Sarah decided to pursue her career in Journalism. Her political career started in 1992 and she wanted to become a mayor. She worked hard and brought a lot of changes to the security of the environment. In 2002 she ran for becoming the governor of Alaska. Even though she lost the position she became a more authoritative figure. Sarah spent a lot of years taking care of Alaska Oil and Gas conservation commission. The standard of oil and gas drastically improved during this time. She became the youngest governor of Alaska and did a lot for the benefit of the people. If this isn’t enough she is also famous for endorsing the thoughts and ideas of Donald Trump.

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Entertainment career

Apart from being an active political figure, Sarah is working in the entertainment field too. She has worked for Fox News and also hosted the popular show Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Being an active personality in the entertainment field she started her own channel which also gained success. Apart from that she is also a good writer and has published a few books. Her book Going Rogue sold over 2 million copies worldwide. Her total net worth is $8 million while her yearly salary is about $1 million. She has gained all this from her active political and entertainment career.

Married life and children

Sarah got married to his long-time love Todd Palin and the marriage was known to be successful. However, they broke up in 2020 as the couple couldn’t resolve any of their issues. The couple has five children in total and she is close to all of them. Even when the couple has parted ways they make sure to spend quality time with their kids.

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