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Sarah Ferguson Net Worth, Career, Early Life, Bio, Personal Relationships & More

Sarah Ferguson is the Duchess of York and is a prominent British Royal figure. She has achieved a lot of fame and respect from the public due to her help for various charity organizations. Sarah got married to Prince Andrew who is the son of the Queen Elizabeth of England. However, the marriage ended in a breakup. The couple has two daughters together and their names are princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. Many people want to know more about her and if you are one of them you can get to know everything about her.

Early Life and Bio

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Sarah Margaret Ferguson was born on October 15, 1959, in London. She is 61 years old currently while her height is five feet and seven inches. Her parents are Major Ronald Ferguson and Susan Wright but they got divorced in 1974. Her mother married second time with Hector Barrantes and moved to Argentina. Sarah decided to stay with her father in Hampshire. After few years her father also got married a second time to Susan Deptford. She has got three half-siblings but doesn’t share good communication with them.

Many people may not know that Sarah and ex-husband Prince Andrew are distantly related. They both are descended from the Duke of Devonshire and King James VI and I. She wasn’t a bright student and attended Hurst Lodge School but her talent in swimming and tennis helped her survive there. When she completed a course at Queen’s Secretarial College she started working for an art gallery. She later worked in two public relationships firms and a publishing company.

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Duchess of York

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Sarah became the Duchess of York when she got married to Prince Andrew. They both had been meeting since their childhood especially during polo games. Sarah is known to be a friendly and down-to-earth person. Most of the people see her as a good addition to the royal family. The royal wedding was a grand affair and Prince Andrew designed the engagement ring on his own to give her a surprise.

As Duchess of York, she helped her husband while taking care of royal engagements and overseas visits officially. During a trip to New York for fundraising, she was attacked by a young man and that caused a big scene. The couple is blessed with two beautiful daughters and she puts up their pictures on social media. Due to pregnancy she gained weight and got a lot of criticism from people due to which she had an eating disorder.

Net Worth and Controversies

The total net worth of Sarah is $2 million and this wealth comes from screenwriting and acting career. She is also a lobbyist and the duchess of York that makes her an influential figure. In 2010 she got into a $3 – 9 million in debt and was near to go bankrupt. In the following year, she was also accused of illegally helping the royal family. There was videotaped by undercover News of the World reporter who accused her of behaving badly with her. Many people were curious to know more about these controversies when she appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s television network “Finding Sarah’’.

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