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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra VS Galaxy S20 Plus which should you buy?

Samsung mobile have taken the world by storm and almost every mobile lover has a Samsung Galaxy for themselves. Samsung Galaxy range has been extensive and the company has launched several phones in the Galaxy range. All of the phones in the Galaxy range have been a hit among the masses. Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 Pus recently and many people are confused about which one they should be buying. Both the phones are cool enough to be your next purchase but you still might be confused about which one to pick out of the two. To help solve this problem we are providing you with an extensive guide which will provide you your answers.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

The S20 Ultra comes with an incredible looking display that is massive and impressive. The android phone has a bigger battery size as compared to the rest of the Galaxy family. The camera is high quality and has the capacity for the zoom in shots. The phone is heavy in weight and has a thicker design than the other Galaxy phones. It is a little more expensive than the normal Samsung phones but it is under stable because the phone has many new features.


  • The phone has an amazing display screen
  • It has a larger battery and has 11 percent bigger battery size
  • Best camera features as compared to other Samsung phones
  • It is capable of charging with a wired charger


  • The android phone is very heavy and hard to carry around
  • It has a thick design whereas people prefer sleek and thin designs these days
  • You have to pay a lot of extra money for a few new features
  • Base storage is not extraordinary and RAM is ordinary

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

The Galaxy S20+ offers great balance as compared to other models available in the market for the mobile phone lovers. You will get to experience a screen which is large and a battery which will last longer than you can ever imagine. The new camera system may be a turn off for everyone as it’s not that great when we compare it with Ultra which boasts of a better camera and picture quality altogether. It is easy to use and can be purchased at an economical price which is a plus for customers who are shopping on a tight budget. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of using this phone.


  • The display is excellent
  • It is small in size and easy to hold
  • Economical but boasts of many features
  • The main camera performance is solid


  • The zoom capability is not of high quality
  • The battery is 10% smaller
  • Wired charging is only consisting of 25W

Should you buy Galaxy S20 Ultra or S20+?

The best way is to check out all the important features of both these phones and see what’s convenient for you. The core specs and elements are kind of same but there may be a difference in micro SD support and 5G networking. The differences between the two are little and hardly noticeable. The screen size of both is 6.7 and 6.9 inches. There are few distinctive features which make them different from each other and that are batter, camera performance and price. If you are on a tight budget you can go for the economical option while if you want to spend more than you can buy a luxurious phone with a higher price. The S20 Ultra wins it all when we talk about the performance of the camera.

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