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Latest WWE Executive Release Sparks Rumors Regarding Triple H’s Future

The WWE world is full of surprises and interesting stories. All the wrestling fans are anxious to know more about their favorite wrestling stars too. Recently a corporate executive at WWE was released from the company. She has strong ties with Triple H and will be leaving WWE for now.

According to another report Lissette Pineda was recently let go from WWE. It has only been two years since she joined the company. In January 2020, with the promotion as the Manager of Global Talent Strategy and Development she handled everything well. Due to this strong position Pineda got the chance to work closely with Triple H. Here is more to this story so keep reading below:

Lissette Pineda’s close relationship with Triple H

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There are no surprises how Pineda has been closely working with Triple H. She has an important role in WWE and is the Executive Vice President of Global Strategy and Talent Development. If sources are believed she is considered to be top executive assistant of Triple H. Now the rumors are sparking that with her release, we may have to say goodbye to Triple H as well. It is also revealed that her work at the company has minimized since the superstar is away from wrestling.

Triple H has undergone a heart surgery and there are no news regarding his comeback since then. It is just a matter of time that she had to let go of this position as his assistant. Many people are now talking about the departure of Triple H from WWE. Triple H needs no introduction as he is 14 time World Champion and former head at the NXT brand. However everyone knows that he doesn’t want to return back due to his surgery after a major cardiac event. Back in September 2021 he had to undergo this surgery. Some new portals along with Dave Meltzer has described this event as ‘very, very serious’.

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Triple H seen at the new headquarters of WWE

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In November, right after two months of his surgery Triple H was spotted at the construction site of WWE’s new headquarter. However, he was not expected to come back inside the ring anytime soon. Some people predicted that he may come back in January but this isn’t the case. Due to the exit of Pineda from WWE everyone wonders if the game is already over for him. Fans on social media are also discussing whether he will back to his old position along with Pineda or not. For now

Shawn Michaels is in the charge of NXT. He is now promoted to NXT 2.0 in the absence of Triple H. It is important to know that the latest contract of Triple H is set to expire in March itself. This is confirmed by the latest 14a SEC filing at WWE. As the contract of Triple H will expire on March 30th, fans are wondering what’s next for him.  However this contract will renew automatically unless or WWE give each a 90 days’ notice. Till date, there is no indication whether a notice is given or not.

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