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More Creepy Than You Thought: RDR2’s Skinner Brothers Gang

This gang is the most fearsome in RDR2, however, it’s possible that the Skinner Brothers are even worse. Until the end, we don’t see the Skinners, but their violence is jarring to watch. It’s still possible that the Skinner Brothers gang is far creepier than previously assumed, and that something otherworldly is at work.

A group in Red Dead Redemption 2 known as the Skinner Brothers is featured in the game. For whatever reason, the Skinner Brothers seem to be completely uninterested in stealing and murdering for profit. Skinners do everything with the goal of torturing and murdering as many people as RDR2’s serial murderer Edmund Lowry Jr. Even though they don’t appear until the John Marston-led epilogue, the sheer brutality of their activities makes them one of the most memorable gangs in the game.

But the Skinner Brothers’ deeds have a darker undertone, and this heightens the horror of what they do. YouTuber Strange Man claims that the Skinner Brothers may be heard saying strange comments if the player gets near enough without being noticed. According to the Skinners’ own words, they want to impress someone with their depravity, implying that they are more of a cult than a gang. When it comes to Rockstar’s Old West, Arthur Morgan can take on a vampire in RDR2, but the Skinner Brothers are a much more terrifying foe to face.

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The Skinner Brothers Gang in RDR2 may be hiding a supernatural secret

In Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s not apparent what the Skinner Brothers think they’ll gain from their higher power for their crimes. Though it seems that they are anxious about displeasing it, it is evident from their actions that they think that is what the creature they adore wants. As a result of this, their killings are seen from a new perspective, particularly in terms of their brutality and torture. There are certain remarks in these hard-to-find posts that suggest that these murders may be rites to their deity. Considering the intricate torture they used to capture Uncle in one expedition, it’s easy to understand how they may have considered that a ritual. A harsher death may be imagined in RDR2 than that of the victims of the Skinner Brothers.

Being a cult rather than an organized crime syndicate makes the Skinner Brothers even more dangerous. They are much more vicious than the other gangs in the game because of their passion for murdering their deity. The fact that their camps are festooned with the remains of their victims demonstrates just how much violence they feel their deity expects of them. Because they don’t engage in any of the other types of criminal activity that most of the other gangs in the game conduct, it’s obvious that they’ve only ever been interested in murder. They are more terrifying than any other gang because they think that they are being compelled to do these crimes by an unseen force.

Even before it became known that the Skinner Brothers belonged to a vicious cult, they were already one of the most disagreeable and immoral gangs in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). They are both unreasonable and irrational, and their behaviors can be rationalized or explained away in no way whatsoever. If they played a larger role in the narrative of Red Dead Redemption 2, the game would have far more potential for terrifying moments.

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