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Natalie Nunn Net Worth, Age, Career, Husband, Kids & Bio

Natalie Nunn is an American reality television personality. She is best known for her famous television shows. Due to her good performance in the fourth season of bad girls club she got a lot of appreciation. Apart from that she is famous for playing in the Tyra Bank show, Hair battle spectacular and Bridezillas. She has received a lot of awards at one of the most prestigious award functions. Fans love the way how she is contributing to the entertainment industry. If you want to know more about this talented actress here are more details about her:

Early Life & Bio

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Natalie was born on December 26th, 1984 in California, USA. The name of her parents are Karen and Earl Nun. She has one older brother Ronald Nunn. Both the kids are raised by their mother. She worked hard and had to do two jobs to support them financially. She went to Aragon High school and was actively participating in sports. If this isn’t enough she has been a part of 2002 Junior Olympics. For completing her education she went to the University of Southern California. Being an active participant in sports she also become a defender of women’s soccer team. She is 36 years old currently while her weight is 64 kg.

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Personal Life and Relationships

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Natalie is married to Jacob Payne since 2012. She is also linked to other men that made many headlines. Chris Brown, Rorrey Fenty and Wiz Khalifa have been in relationships with her. When she announced her marriage with Jacob many fans were curious to know more. Their marriage was telecast at the Bridezillas. In 2012 November she announced her pregnancy but she suffered a miscarriage. The couple is proud parents to a baby girl in 2017.


Natalie started her career with some of the most prominent television shows. She has been a member of the 4th season of bad girls club. However she was removed from the series due to her controversy with fellow artists. Here are some of her top shows and movies:

  • Bad girls club
  • One Mo choice
  • Marriage boot camp: Reality stars
  • Celebrity big brother
  • Baddies ATL
  • Bridezillas
  • Braxton family values
  • The Tyra Banks show
  • Bad Girls all-star battle
  • Run this town

Net Worth and salary

Natalie is one of the top stars in the industry today. Due to her hard work and good luck she has gained a big fortune. Her estimated net worth is around $25,000.  She is a top reality television celebrity and her career is enhancing by leaps and bounds.

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