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Rika Kihira Net Worth, Career Highlights, Age, Bio, Movies & Other Details

Rika Kihira is a famous skater and she has made a big name and mark for herself in the industry. Her career graph has seen a lot of increase even at such a young age. She has soon become a two-time Japanese national champion (2019, 2020).  For now, she is playing on the junior level and has become a champion on various occasions. She is also a champion of the 2016 JGP Slovenia champion, the 2016 JGP Czech Republic silver medalist, and the 2017 JGP Latvia silver medalist. There was a big championship in 2017 and she got to win the Japanese junior national champion.

Bio and Early Life

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Rika Kihira was born on 21 July 2002. Since her youth, she wanted to become a skater and luck also favored. You will also be surprised to know that she is a two-time Four Continents champion (2019, 2020). If this isn’t enough she has also won the 2018 Grand Prix Final champion and also a four-time Grand Prix series medalist. She is 18 years old currently.


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The skating career of Rika is full of records. Winning the (2018 NHK Trophy gold, 2018 Internationaux de France gold wasn’t difficult for her. In 2019 she also won the Skate Canada silver, 2019 NHK Trophy silver) and a two-time International Challenge Cup champion. Rika is the seventh ladies skater and has now become the triple Axel jump in an International Skating Union competition. Her fans will be happy to know that she is the first-ever woman to land a triple Axel-triple toe loop combination. Her records won’t stop coming in as she has become the first woman to land eight clean triples in a free skate. There is a lot of competition among skaters but she has soon become the second woman to achieve four clean triples in the short program.

Personal Life and Relationships

Rika has not shared any of her personal details with the media. However, it is assumed that she must be dating someone of her age group. In December 2020 she got admission into Waseda University’s School of Human Sciences. Due to her busy skating schedules, she started attending school through a correspondence course. She believes in becoming of the best skaters in the world and tries hard to achieve the best.

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Skating technique

Kihira has got a perfect skating technique due to which she is regarded as a wonderful skater. The skating technique features a combination of technical and artistic excellence. Even the critics and analysts have praised the execution and quality of her jumps. She knows how to create an exceptional distance and rotation speed while the rhythm and effortlessness are also in control. The flow, landing quality, and body position are also under great control. She knows how to have easy access to the triple Axel and triple Lutz. If this isn’t enough she has also received GOE as high as +3.09 and +2.36 respectively.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Kihira happens to be around $1 million. She has gained this entire amount from her active skating career. As she is still very young she has a lot of time to create many other records.

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