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Dil e Veeran Drama Cast, Plot, Timing & Release Date

ARY Digital is one of the top entertainment channels in Pakistan. They bring diverse variety of drama serials that entertains a lot of audiences. In 2022 the channel has released a number of hit dramas. The list includes Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi, Habs Drama, and Fraud. All these drama serials have a different concept and they are liked by all types of viewers. You will not be surprised to know that many serials that come on ARY Digital have high views on YouTube as well. Dil e Veeran is a very good serial that is relatively new to channel. Here are more details of it:

Story Of Dil E Veeran

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Dil e Veeran is a new drama on ARY digital but it has gained popularity in few months’ time. The cast and story is entertaining and you will enjoy every bit of it. Many viewers will like the young and beautiful actress Nawal Saeed as she plays the lead role of Minhal.  She has done some other fantastic dramas as well. This drama series is getting a stable 4.8 TRP.

The story of Dil e Veeran is full of emotions and romance while there is a lot of suspense overall. It revolves around the life of the lead actress and Hassan Khan (Haider). They are in love and want to marry each other. However her family doesn’t approve of Hassan. Due to this both the leads are sad and they are not sure what to do.

On the other side Shahroz Sabazwari who plays the second lead Talal in the show is also in live with Nawal’s character. He wants to marry her and eventually they both get married too. After the marriage he finds out about the love story of Hassan Khan and Nawal Saeed. This breaks his heart into pieces. The story is more about a love triangle between the three. There is a lot of suspense around what will happen next.

Cast of Dil E Veeran

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The cast and crew of Dil E Veeran is very talented and you will witness great performances by all of them. You will instantly fall in love with the chemistry between the leads. Even the love triangle is also full of twists. Here is a list of the cast members below:

  • Nawal Saeed
  • Shahroz Sabzwari
  • Rashid Farooqui
  • Shehryar Zaidi
  • Aadi Khan
  • Hassan Khan
  • Hina Rizvi
  • Sabiha Hashmi
  • Shaista Jabeen
  • Mehrun Nisa
  • Anoosha
  • Seemi Pasha
  • Rashiq Farooqui

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What is the release Date and Timing Of Dil E Veeran?

The drama serial Dil e Veeran started on ARY Digital on 7th June 2022. You can watch it every day at 7pm. In case you miss any episode of the series it is available on the official website of ARY Digital and mobile app as well. All the new episodes are uploaded every night on YouTube at 8:30pm.

Dil e Veeran has a great team off screen and the good work is evident on screen. Sameena Aijaz is the writer of the series while Syed Zeeshan Ali Zaidi is the director. The production team includes Dr. Ali Kazmi and Fahad Mustafa. It is under the banner of Big Bang Entertainment.

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