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Rick Fox Net Worth, Relationship, Career

Rick Fox is a Canadian-Bahamian actor and former professional basketball player. He is one of those people who have been a part of two careers and handled both very well. Rick is often appreciated for his acting skills while his skills in sport are of another level. He is known for being part of some of the most prominent teams that include the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

If this isn’t enough he also became a very well known actor by starring in some good quality shows. He got the chance to portray his skills on different platforms and has become a source of inspiration for one and all. Rick is also a former eSports franchise member and has earned very well. If you want to know more about the personal and professional life we have got all the details covered.


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During his NBA career, Rick got the opportunity to play a lot of games and made many records consistently. He earned $34 as a salary in his entire career. In fact, he became one of the highest-paid players by earning $4.8 million for each game. When he made an entry into the entertainment industry he easily earned a lot of money and was one of the most loved actors of his time.

Early life and the start of a Basketball career

The early life of Rick was comfortable as his parents were supportive and grew up well. He was born on 24th July 1969 in Toronto, Canada. He was born in an athletic family and both his parents were into sports. He gained a lot of interest in sports especially basketball and his skills were evident since his youth. Rick joined his high school basketball team and finally got a chance to be a part of the national team of NBA. His career was really good and even led his team in the finals in 1991.

Start of an acting career

Rick entered the entertainment industry after getting good fame during his basketball days. Fortunately, he received equal fame and compliments in the entertainment field which was quite different from sports. Rick acts well and the roles he has chosen were quite diverse. He appeared in many prominent films and television series that include:

  • Blue chips
  • Eddie
  • He got game
  • Resurrection
  • The holes
  • OZ
  • Fairly Odd parents

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Real Estate and ESports

Rick is a rich actor and sports player and in 2013 he bought a mansion worth $1.4 million in Los Angeles. There are many bedrooms and attached bathrooms with it. The property is huge as it covers 1,800 square feet and the mansion looks very luxurious. He has a great love for cars and loves to drive new cars very often. During his entry into the e-sports market, he purchased a prominent team named League of Legends. The team was later given the name Eco fox and it played very well throughout.

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Net worth and Relationships

Rick Fox got married to Vanessa Williams in 1999 and they had one child together. After one or two years of their relationship, Rick filed a divorce and they parted ways. It is now heard that Rick is dating Eliza Dushku but their relationship also ended back in 2014. The estimated net worth of Rick is $20 million.

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