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Rick Dale Net Worth, Bio, Career, Relationships & More

Rick Dale gained a lot of popularity after being a part of History Channels TV show named American Restoration. He is a prominent media personality who has worked in a lot of other successful shows. Some of the most imports shows in his career include Pawn stars and American Pickers. Due to his talent and hard work he is shining in the entertainment industry. If you want to know more about Rick Dale here are some details below:

Early life & Bio

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Rick Dale was born on 13th December 1970 in Newport Beach, California.  When he was only 13 years old his family moved to Boulder City, Nevada. He and his brother Ron grew up in a good environment and they had all the necessities in life. His father was a restorer and a professional racer at the same time. When Rick was only nine his father gifted him a worn out bike that he could restore. As soon as he restored the bike he fell in love with it instantly. Apart from that it also polished his restoring skills. As time went by he along with his brother and father started to restore race cars and other vehicles. They also started to restore vending machines and pumps.

Making it big on TV

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Rick Dale started his career by appearing in one of the six seasons of reality TV show named American restoration. He worked for this show for about two years. The best part is that this reality TV show was shot in his restoration shop. All the viewers connected with this show instantly as it portrayed all the daily activities of his work.  Apart from Rick his sons Tylor and Brettly Otterman also made an appearance in this show. His brother Ron and his wife also made a quick appearance in this reality TV show. There are many celebrities including David Copperfield and Lance Burton that made this show even more prominent. This series became an instant hit and went on for about six seasons. During this while a lot of products were restored.

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Personal life

Rick Dale got married to Kelly Dale and their relationship is still going strong. The couple is blessed with two children that is one son Tyler and a daughter Ally. Previously he was married to Brettly Otterman and had a child. When his first marriage didn’t work out he fell in love again. Kelly is a marketing expert and she brought a lot of good luck in his life.

Net Worth

Nearly all the family members of Rick work in the restoration shop that he owns. It brought them a lot of success and their net worth is also increasing. They have made over $4.5 million from this successful reality TV series. It has been a successful venture that went on for about six seasons. However with the fifth season some controversies happened and the channel couldn’t negotiate with him.

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