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Ride or Die: Release Date, Plot, Cast And All You Need To Know

Netflix is releasing some exciting news movies soon and the audience cannot wait to watch them. New shows and movies are always welcome by the audience and Netflix viewers are anticipating new content every day on Netflix. Ride to Die is a Japanese origin film that has released on Netflix. The film is based on the subject of Romance and revolves around the LGBT community. Netflix is known for releasing unique content for the audience and Ride and Die is a bold concept and is available for streaming on Netflix.

Ride and Die Updates

Ride to Die concept is related to the LGBT community. It is a psychological thriller film and will also have a romance element. According to the plot mentioned by Netflix, the show will have to girls as leads who are in love with each other. The film is written by Nami Sakkawa and is directed by Ryuichi Hiroki. The film will be releasing on Netflix and you can watch it safely inside your home. As the film is in the Japanese language you will need English subtitles to watch it. Netflix offers English subs for all their content so you can watch it without any hassle.

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Plot Details

ride or die

The entire cast members of the film are not revealed yet and Netflix hasn’t revealed anything about the cast of the film as yet. As from the trailers of Ride to Die, some actors have been spotted. The complete list of the cast has not been updated and no official statement has been makers or by Netflix. The cast of the film includes:

  • Nagasawa Rei as Mizuhara Kiko
  • Shinoda Nanae as Sato Honami
  • Maki Yoko
  • Suzuki Anne
  • Taneka Tetsuhi
  • Tanaka Shunsuke
  • Niro Shinya

Ride or Die Plot

ride or die

Ride and Die plot is quite interesting and bold as well. The film revolves around the character of Rei. She falls in love with her classmate Nanae. Later, she discovers that her friend is struggling because of her husband who is abusive. She discovers that her friend is experiencing domestic violence by her husband. This leads to a deadly crime and it is committed by Rei. She murders Nanae’s husband and declares her love for Nanae. Rei and Nanae’s love continues but they soon start finding trouble because of their troubled past and present.

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Ride or Die Release Date

Ride Or Die has been released on April 15, 2021. The film is streaming on Netflix on the Netflix platform. The teaser trailer of the film was released by Netflix. The trailer confirmed the release date of the film and the audience couldn’t wait for the film to release. The film looked promising and with the intriguing trailer, the film was anticipated by a lot of people. Netflix announced the release date by releasing an official trailer of the film. The film is about 2.5 hours long. If you love long films instead of short films then this one would be an interesting watch for you guys.

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