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Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6 Release Date and all we know so far

Rick and Morty season 4 Episode 6 is going to surprise the fans with a lot of interesting twists and turns. The lustful dragons will be spreading wrath and the floating jerry would be showing his true side. We will be watching Rick die many times so that he doesn’t get reborn again into the Nazi world. Fans of the show are waiting for the new episode impatiently because the episode will be featuring a lot of new things.

The episode 5 has performed quite well it ended on a high note so fans are expecting a lot from the next episode. The usual gap between the releases of each episode is usually 1 week but since the show is so interesting it is hard for people to wait for a week.

Who is playing an important character in Rick and Morty season 4?

We have already seen so many guest stars making appearances in the Rick and Morty season 4 and we are expecting some more talented stars gracing the show. Paul Giamatti and Mathew Broderick are the stars who are a major part of the season 4. Things can get really uncertain and random when it comes to Rick and Morty so predicting the participants in the season 4 can be difficult.

Rick and Morty season 4 episode 6 Spoilers

The animated series has an interesting storyline and the fans keep guessing the storyline and plot every time an episode gets over. In the previous episodes, we saw Rick dying again and again and then being born again in the Morty world. The evil Morty is acting like a monster and trying hard to take over the world. The rift between Morty and Rick tussle has gone to extreme levels and the two protagonists of the animated series have been fighting against each other to win the battle.

The love finding app goes wrong and everything is messed up in the Morty world. It is also fun to see the sensual relationship between Rick, Morty and dragons. The episode 6 is going to bring some new twists and turns and we will be witnessing some new plots opening up as well.

Why is Rick and Morty season 4 taking so long to come out?

The season 4 was delayed due to the conflict between Adult swim and the makers of the series. The makers and the distribution team got into a conflict due to the contract. Adult Swim wanted the series to have 70 episodes and the makers were finding it hard to meet the deadlines. The production team claims that they wanted to deliver quality content and because of that they were not able to meet the deadlines.

When Rick and Morty is season 4 episode 6 releasing?

The episode 6 was expected to be released on April 1st but it got delayed due to coronavirus. The post production work has been delayed due to coronavirus and lockdown in the countries. Many fans also believe that the episode has been delayed because there have been no promotional photos for the episode 6 out as yet. There has been no official news about the release of episode on the official Twitter handle of Rick and Morty season 4.

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There have been no new news about the release of the new episode anytime soon but there has been a tweet from an official source that confirms that we will be getting new episodes this year.

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