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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Release Date, Specification, Design and Updates

Samsung Galaxy S20 was introduced in the market in February and it helped us to take an insight into what can we expect from Samsung this year. Samsung is a company owned by South Korea and has taken over the world by storm. Samsung Note 20 has already been selling well in the market making us hopeful to anticipate more functional and incredible phones from Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is the next in line and we are hoping to see more improved features in the upcoming phone. We have been hearing a lot of rumors and leaks about the Galaxy Note 20 and we have gathered them all at one place exclusively for your convenience. So if you have your eyes on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 this post could be helpful for you.


There haven’t been a lot of rumors or leaks about the design of the Note 20 but we are hopeful to get to know details about the design in the near future. W are hoping to see a similar design to S20 but Samsung makes changes when it comes to its Note series so we can expect little differences from the S20. The centralized camera was first launched on the Note series and was later adopted in the design of S20. We can expect some new and exciting features in the upcoming Note 20 and the waterproof metal frame would make the phone weather resistant and water resistant.

You would be able to answer your calls in the pool or even under the heavy rainfall. It is expected to have an in-built S pen and the fingerprint sensor will make your phone more secure and protected. A Lite model may also be appearing and Note 20 might be able in 2 sizes.


Samsung has recently introduced a 120 HZ display screen for their latest offerings. If we take about Samsung Note 20 it will showcase a faster and greater speed limit. The display screen size will be around 6 or 7 inches and the curved edges will look even more appealing.


It is being speculated that Samsung note 20 will feature similar kind of camera which Galaxy S20 Ultra has showed us. The new features and updating will be installed no matter what and we can expect something better than previous versions. We can expect and sensor of 108MP and a telephoto sensor of 48MP.The Depth vision sensor will come packed with a 12MP sensor and there are prominent updates on the front and rear camera both. The picture quality will also increase so we can enjoy photo clicking sessions with our friends and family.

Hardware and Specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 will come manufactured with Qualcomm SD865 or Exynos 990 but it will depend on from which country you are purchasing it from. It is highly likely that this phone will feature a 12 GB ram which means we have increased storage capacity. The battery life will be bigger and better as this time the batteries are very big with a range between 4000 mAh and 5000 mAh capacity. There are two charging options give to the users which are wireless and reverse wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 release date and price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is likely to release in August this year. As the coronavirus has disturbed many schedules we hope that this date is not changed though. If we talk about the price range it is being speculated that the price range will be similar to previous models. The price range can fall anywhere between £999 or $1099 and you can choose whatever is economical for you.

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