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Review: Is The Accident Any Good? Is it Worth Watching?

The accident is a British series that has gained a lot of popularity among people. It portrays how greed and negligence can affect people in a lot of ways. It is a thought-provoking and preachy series and if you watch it you can gain a lot from the storyline. Some people may feel that it is a little disheartening to watch such a serious series.

The accident is a series that was released on Hulu and it revolves around a closely knit-unit and is waiting for some good news to arrive when the terrible accident happens. The people of the town will try to cope with the losses and there are several questions that will arrive in the mind of viewers as well. You will be asking yourself this question that was this accident a real accident?

Is the accident worth watching?

accident 2

We will review the accident for you that is a popular series from Hulu. It represents an honest depiction of the aftermath of an accident and the tensions all these happening have brought into the lives of humans. The town has no happiness to offer and there are dilemmas everywhere. Everything in the show is presented with beauty and the approach is very realistic too. There are a lot of suspense, thrill, drama, and emotions involved in the making. There is a small southern coastal town in south Wales and it was commercially hit for some time.

The coal mines and steel mills in the town have been closed down and that is why the economy is also not in stable condition. The head of the town is Iwan Bevan and he finally secured the deal with a company for Japan as he wants to have a better life for the people living in the town. There will be a lot of construction happening in the town and a huge complex will be built. The series is worth watching and you can definitely give it a try too.

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What is the plot of the accident?

The accident is based on the story of a town and the people living there. They have been into a financial crisis for some time and a new factory will soon build there. The factory has the capacity to employ at least 1000 people and that will surely end the unemployment in this town. There is a huge celebration on the opening night of the factory and the daughter of the owner who is a teenager goes to the factory to surprise her father.

She plans to spray some paint in the building and all the activities that are planned inside cause an explosion. It kills most of the teenager’s friends and this is where the twist happens. All the people living in the town arrive on the spot and see the factory collapsing in front of their eyes. The real question arises that was it really an accident or someone has planted this to get revenge from the people in the town. The direction of the show has been done in a really good way and you will be surprised by the twists and turns that are happening. The conflicting emotions and blame games with a bit of thrill will keep you on the edge of the seat.

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