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Takuya Kawamura Net Worth, Career, Age, Height, Bio & More

Takuya Kawamura is a famous Japanese basketball player. He is listed as one of the top Japanese basketball players and has perfect skills. Many fans are aware that he has got great skills and has played match-winning games against his opponents. He has always tried to work on his game to improve and get the much-needed perfection for the next tournaments. Takuya is a known name in the industry and the respect from his colleagues has been immense. If you are interested to know more about Takuya here are some important details below.

Bio and Childhood years

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Takuya was born on April 14th, 1986 in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. He is ranked one of the richest and most professional players. However, his youth has not been fruitful in terms of financial success. His star sign is Aries and lived a perfect childhood with his family. The best thing is that his family always supported him and helped him earn all the success. His height is 6 feet and 4 inches that are considered a perfect one for any basketball player. There isn’t any information about his parents and siblings.

Quick Facts

If you are one of those readers who want something quick yet comprehensive about Takuya here are some details.

  • Takuya is of Japanese origin
  • The star sign is Aries that boasts of a lot of passion and desire
  • His duality is assertive
  • He loves to watch Japanese and Hollywood movies

Early Basketball career

In 2005 Takuya started skipping college and wanted to concentrate more on the basketball game. His mentor was Kazuo Nakamura and due to his advice, he started playing basketball so well. He started doing exceptionally well among all the professional basketball leagues and tournaments. It didn’t take much time for him to learn the skills and get winning scores.

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Professional NBA career

In 2009 Takuya joined the training camp of Phoenix Suns and started learning basketball. It was mainly for polishing the skills that helped him with the opening night roster. He would soon get selected for the NBA draft. Many people were surprised to see his skills in the very first game itself. He earned seven points in his first NBA game that was against the Golden State Warriors. He soon became the second Japanese player ever to play in an NBA regular-season game without much experience. The media has given him the name Offence Machine.

 Personal Life and Net Worth

Many people didn’t know that his older brother also plays basketball. He isn’t as famous as Takuya but manages to do his best. Takuya has been married for many years now and the couple is blessed with two children. Apart from their basketball career, he is doing a radio show on Tochigi’s Radio Berry FM. The total net worth of Takuya happens to be around $5 million. His career highlights have been many and he was given the award for NBA-all Rookie.

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