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Resident Evil 8: Latest Updates, Plot, New Spoilers And All You Need To Know

Resident Evil fans are having a gala time as Capcom that are the manufactures of the game are gearing up for an eights instalment of the franchise. The developers have a lot of new exciting things in store for the fans and the release will keep the gamers hooked to the game during the quarantine season. There are several spoilers and rumours about Resident Evil 8 as the game is soon coming out. We have gathered all the latest and exciting information about Resident Evil 8 for all the fans. Read on to know more details about the upcoming game.

An entertainment portal has reported that Resident Evil will have a dark setting that will creep the fans and with the dark settings, the gamers are in for a scary treat. There are rumours that many fan favourite characters will be making a return in the eights instalment.

What are the latest updates about Resident Evil 8?

The developers have paid special attention to the graphics as the game has improved and enhanced features. The in-game engine has improved and the game is now compatible with all the new gaming consoles. It will be making its debut on Xbox series X and PS5. The horror game has come up with a lot of scary features that will be spooky enough to shock even the strongest gamers. You never know when a spooky character pops up out of your screen and haunt you even during your sleep.

Dusk Golem that is a popular Capcom insider has revealed some snippets about Resident Evil 8. According to their source, the Resident Evil 8 will be the darkest and the creepiest of the franchise and it will be one of the most exciting and entertaining games for the fans. Dusk Golem tweeted on Twitter that Resident Evil 8 will be the darkest and the scariest instalment of the entire series till date. They have further revealed that the plot of Resident Evil 8 will be horrifying and mind-boggling. It will feature the scariest and disturbing enemies and you will have to be alert without even blinking your eyes while you play the exciting game.

Apart from all these upgrades, the game would be featuring a newly designed Chris Redfield. Chris wouldn’t be the only character of Resident Evil 8 who will be making a comeback. There are several others who will be returning but Dusk Golem didn’t reveal much about that.

According to a popular Gaming portal AestheticGamers Camcom has developed a classic game play and the focus will be on first player perspective Gameplay. The main focus of the game will be on hallucinations, your fight against tougher enemies than before and the tensions between the characters in the game.

The rumors about Resident Evil 8 are exciting and intriguing but don’t get too excited and wait till the game actually releases.

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When is Resident Evil 8 releasing?

The Resident Evil doesn’t have an official release date as yet. The rumors suggest that the game will release in the first half of 2021. The game will be available for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5. The official release date is yet to be announced and as soon as we hear something about it we will update you with the news.

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