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Unsolved Mysteries Season 2 Release Date, Plot & All You Need To Know

Unsolved Mysteries is one of the top shows from the ’80s and it has come back with a reboot version on Netflix. All the fans are looking forward to knowing what will happen in the new season of the series. The show made a debut on Netflix in July 2020 and there were only six episodes released. We have gathered all the important details about Unsolved Mysteries and here is all you need to know.

What will happen in Unsolved Mysteries season 2?

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The popular show from the ’80s is coming back with whole new episodes and if you have watched part one you will be even more excited. There will be a lot of interesting cases and investigation will be taking a new turn altogether. We have got six episodes in the first volume and will be getting another set of six episodes very soon. The original series made its debut in 1987 and it was loved by audiences of all ages. The original show had a total of nine series so if makers plan to continue the reboot version for all these reasons it will be a lot of fun.

According to the producer, each episode will be featuring a different paranormal activity and the audience will witness what they haven’t seen before. The reboot version is a little different as there is no host in it and according to Terry Dunn it was difficult to replace the legendary Robert Stack. To continue the legacy it has made it extremely hard for him to do the job with perfection. Terry further explained that no one can replace Robert so they are planning not to have any host for the new season.

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Who is in the cast of Unsolved Mysteries season 2?

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The cast and crew of Unsolved Mysteries season 2 are extremely talented and we can expect wonderful performances from everyone. Most of the cast members from season one will make a comeback and here is the list we have got for the fans.

  • Pistol Black as Patrice’s Son
  • Jane Green as Retired Business Owner
  • Anne-Sophie Martin as Journalist
  • Brandi Petersen as Lena’s Sister
  • Maria Ramirez as Alonzo’s Mother
  • Allison Rivera as Rey’s Wife
  • Cindy Brooks as Alonzo’s Sister-in-Law
  • Estelle Chapon
  • Nancy Hunt as Patrice’s Friend
  • Robin Shoemake as Lena’s Sister
  • Rob Endres as Patrice’s Husband
  • Demetria Leslie as Alonzo’s Sister

How many episodes are there in Unsolved Mysteries season 2?

There will be a total of six episodes in Unsolved Mysteries season 2 and here are the names. The episodes will have thrill and frequent twists to excite all the audience. There will be a feeling of terror and mystery in each episode as mentioned by the producer himself.

  • Mystery on the rooftop
  • 13 Minutes
  • House of Terror
  • No Ride Home
  • Berkshires UFO
  • Missing Witness

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When will Unsolved Mysteries Season 2 release?

Unsolved Mysteries Season 2 will be released by the end of this year and all episodes will feature horror and mystery. The case investigations will take the center stage and you will witness different happenings in this new season. You can download it from Netflix or subscribe to the channel for watching the series in good quality.

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