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Relic Review, Plot, Cast & Other Details

Relic is a popular American movie that is loved by everyone because of its unique concept. The film has a very different concept and it will take you on an interesting journey never seen before. If you are bored and currently looking to watch some of the best films don’t miss out on this one. The cinematography, direction, and performances are top-notch and the characters are very griping too. Let’s take a look at the review, plot, and cast of Relic.

What is the plot of Relic?

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The plot of the film is very different and it revolves around a lovely family. There is a woman named Edna who is old and she one day she goes missing. She has a beloved daughter Kay and granddaughter Sam works hard to find her. They take a journey outside the rural place for the first time away from Melbourne to investigate what has happened with her. The story takes twists each second and you will not be able to guess what will happen next.

They are not able to find anything and the same night Kay gets a nightmare where she sees a body hanging around the cabin. She doesn’t exactly know what is happening or why is she having such dreams. The very next day elderly women Edna comes back to the house and she has a black bruise on her chest which looks very scary. She is barefoot and full of dust and here is where the actual story lies.

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Review of Relic

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Due to Edna’s behavior as she keeps wandering around the area Kay decided to put her in an old age home. She is not able to look after herself and her mother. Her granddaughter doesn’t seem to be happy with this idea but Kay is not sure what to do either. She always notices Edna sleepwalking or wandering around the area without any reason. The old lady is suffering from dementia and her daughter and granddaughter always see her forgetting about everything. She once gifted her granddaughter a ring but doesn’t remember anything.

On the other side grandmother, James is also suffering from Alzheimer and he is taking a trip to see her. The story portrays the diseases very well and how elderly people behave in this scène. The nightmares and other scenes where the grandmother is tearing the photos and eating them are very important and heart touching scenes. The film is produced by Jake Gyllenhaal production company Nine Stories and produced by The Russo Brothers’ firm AGBO. The film is a little frightening but it deserves some recognition from the audience.

Who is in the cast of Relic?

Relic doesn’t have any prominent actor in the cast but all the actors have done very well. Here is the cast list below:

  • Emily Mortimer
  • Robyn Nevin
  • Bella Heathcote

Although the plot is a little dark it is a must-watch. The film was released in January 2020 and it has been getting a good response from the audience. It has made over $1.3 million at the box office.

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