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Babloo Bachelor (2020) Full Movie leaked by Tamilrockers & Filmywap

Babloo Bachelor is a Hindi movie which stars Sharman Joshi,Pooja Chopra and Tejashree Pradhan in lead roles. The film has been released on Tamilrockers and Filmywap and there’s news that a lot of people have already watched the film online. As this news has been circulating all over the internet many people are looking for the HD links and downloading the film to watch it for free. The film was going to release in cinemas on 20th march 2020 but has badly fallen prey to piracy. The news has disappointed the producer and director of the film who were hoping that the film will do good business.

The films in India have overall been facing the wrath of coronovirus and the illegal downloads will worsen the situation even further. Many cinemas in Delhi have been shut down due to coronavirus and people are not stepping out of their homes either. There are latest reports coming out that people are searching for the links of the movie online and search engine of Tamilrockers and filmywap is flooded with searches like Babloo Bachelor HD links and Babloo Bachelor full movie download.

Tamilrockers have known to be very notorious when it comes to leaking the links of all the latest movies but filmywap is also not far behind. Earlier also they have released big budget films like Baaghi and Subh mangal zyada Savdhan which stars Aayushman Khurrana.

Piracy is becoming so common and there is no way it is slowing down anytime soon. The Government has been taking a lot of steps and the court has banned both Tamil rockers and Filmywap as few of the links have been closed down and removed from the internet. Interestingly both these websites have so many domains that it is really hard to catch them online and despite these shutdowns both these websites are working very well online. Many people online have also protested again piracy but these notorious sites are flourishing each day.

Nowadays many youngsters watch movies online as the ticket prices in cinemas are quite high. They watch the movie out of fun and give their review to others which does affect the box office in a lot of ways.

Plot and cast of Babloo Bachelor

Babloo bachelor is a comedy film that revolves around the character of Sharman Joshi whose parents want him to get married. He meets many girls and also rejects one proposal. When finally his marriage is fixed his fiancée runs away from the wedding. Then he meets the girl whom he had rejected and they fall in love. Who will he get married to? That’s the twist we need to find an answer to, but that will happen if you watch the film. The music of the film has been given by Jeet Ganguli and it is already gaining popularity among people. Here is the cast of the film.

  • Sharman Joshi
  • Pooja Chopra
  • Tejashree Pradhan
  • Rajesh Sharma

How can we stop the piracy?

The Indian Government has been taking a lot of serious steps to stop piracy but no definite results have come out. We request people not to download illegal links online as they may contain viruses and can harm your system. If we join hands we can stop piracy as it’s a punishable crime in India. As there are unlimited domains of tamilrockers and filmywap if you happen to see any of them report it immediately.

Watch the film in cinemas

We request everyone to watch Babloo Bachelor in cinemas near you even if you have watched the movie online. The plot of the film is interesting and you will enjoy it with your family. It is coming out in cinemas on 20th March 2020.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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