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Reasons for the Common OSHA Standard Violations

Many safety violations happen because people are not educated about the risks associated with specific tasks. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that their employees are adequately educated about safety risks. Identify common construction accident scenarios and how these could happen to any worker.

Construction workers are often exposed to numerous hazards that are eliminated through the proper education of employees. These topics will detail common construction safety violations and answer why they occur. These include fall accidents, crush injuries, electrical shock, electrocution, impalement, and sparks. Accidents happen when workers do not do their job correctly or do not follow the correct procedure for doing their job. This article will also discuss how to prevent safety violations and what to look for when spot-checking safety procedures during work.

5 Reasons for the Common OSHA Standard Violations

 1. Employees Not Properly Trained

Many construction accidents occur because workers do not know how to do their job safely. It is the responsibility of the employer to properly train employees on how to do their job safely and effectively. It can prevent numerous accidents as workers will better understand what they should do. Employees who feel uncomfortable or unprepared may be tempted to rush or cut corners while doing their job, resulting in a safety violation.

 2. Don’t Think You Know All the Hazards You May Encounter

Each project is different and will have other hazards that are associated with it. Construction sites differ from hospitals, manufacturing plants, or schools. The company doing the construction should consider any potential risks that could occur on the project and any possible solutions to correct them. For example, construction companies should have a fall prevention program to reduce accidents. Fall accidents can be hazardous and usually happen when equipment is being moved in an unsafe way or inexperienced staff are carrying a heavy machine improperly, which can lead to an accident.

 3. Don’t Ignore the Holidays or Make it an Excuse

It is important to be aware of holidays when working in the construction industry. Many people start their holiday season complaining about work schedule changes and lack of holiday pay. Construction companies should not ignore their workers’ wishes for time off and may want to try negotiating for more time off for their employees.

 4. Don’t Ignore the Weather

Many construction companies ignore the weather forecast as they believe they can get the work done on schedule despite poor weather conditions. Bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, lightning, and wind can all be hazards, especially when working at elevated heights like scaffolding or cranes. Construction workers should know some of the dangers associated with bad weather and how to prevent these hazards on their job sites.

 5. Don’t Ignore the Proper Tools and Equipment

Construction workers should only use the right tools or equipment correctly while doing their job. If a worker is put in a basement and uses the wrong size crowbar, it could result in a severe injury or death. The construction company’s responsibility is to ensure that all its employees are adequately trained on what tools to use and recommend when necessary. Still, they must also ensure that these tools are correctly maintained by providing quality repairs.

Whether the construction company is certified or not, they are still responsible for the safety of their employees. They should ensure that they have adequate training and preventative measures in place to avoid any potential accidents on their projects.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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