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Ray Stevens Net Worth, Career, Salary, Bio, Age, Relationships & More

Ray Stevens is an American country pop singer, songwriter, and comedian. He has got a big net worth and has gained all the name and fame in a short time. Ray is best known for giving hit singles everything is Beautiful, Misty, Gitarzan, and The Streak. He has done a lot of films and TV shows and all his roles have been different. Even though he is a senior actor he is an inspiration for one and all. If you want to know more about him, let’s get to know more details.

Bio and Early Life

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Ray was born on January 24th, 1939 in Georgia, USA. He is 82 years old currently and his parents were very supportive of him. When he was at the age of six he started taking music lessons and his mother bought a piano for him. You will be surprised to know that he formed his own band during high school. The Barons got popularity and they started performing at the clubs. When he was 17 he moved to Atlanta and started working as a radio personality and football broadcaster. He entered George State University and majored in music and pursued it as a career.

Personal Life, Relationships & Dating

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Ray Stevens has been linked with many women in the past. He got married to Penny Jackson and the couple is blessed with one daughter. Even though he was young his father always supported him and looking at his business inspired him. His father was also interested in music that opened doors for him. He wanted to get a record deal but got it on his skills. His daughter Suzi started singing songs for the children’s album when she was only 5. It seems that she has taken the music skills from her father.

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Net Worth

The total net worth of Ray happens to be around $8 million. He is a songwriter, singer, and musician and that is the major source of income. If this isn’t enough he has a house worth $2.85 million. He has also got a huge collection of cars and likes to lead a luxurious life. Being one of the most active actors in the career he has earned a lot through it.


Ray signed up with mercury records after getting done with his degree. Most of the songs and albums he has released so far had got a good reception. If this isn’t enough he also writes songs that are very meaningful. His professional and personal life has been free of controversies. He has been nominated for many big award ceremonies and has also won many awards for the same. Here are the names below.

  • Turn your radio on
  • Boogity
  • I have returned
  • Misty
  • Crackin up
  • Everything is beautiful
  • Just for the record
  • Lend me your years
  • Hum it
  • Don’t laugh now
  • Beside myself
  • Losin’ Streak
  • The streak
  • It’s me again Margaret
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