Leaping scenes of kangaroos
Leaping scenes of kangaroos
A footage has surfaced in Australia in which kangaroo ducks are jumping on an ice field enjoying the snow.
In the southeastern province of the country, after several years of snow in the region due to severe storms and freezing winter.
Steven Grenfell, a Twitter user, was seen driving a car on Sunday in an area of ​​New South Wales while jumping on an icy field. He saved the scene in his mobile phone camera.

Posting this scene stored on a phone camera on Twitter, Steven wrote: ‘You do not see such a scene in Australia the next day. Kangaroo in snowy plains. ‘
In response, another user posted a photo on Twitter showing Kangaroo jumping on a golf course.

Meteorologists say this is the coldest winter in recent history that has arrived in this region of Australia.
Local media in the capital Canberra have reported that for the first time an Australian style football match was played on icy ground.
Roads were closed due to snow falling over Sydney.
The very cold weather also led to the cancellation of several flights and disconnected any 10,000 homes in the south of the country.
Australia has experienced extreme weather conditions several times in the past several years, resulting in floods, forest fires, and hurricanes.
Drought is also affecting much of the country, which has badly affected agriculture and rural life.