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Rail Romanesque Anime: Cast, Plot, Release Date Revealed

Rail Romanesque is a Japanese manga series that has been creating a lot of stir among the audience due to its unique plot and picturesque illustrations. The anime series tells the story of people as they travel on a train. The sceneries that we see while the characters pass by them while sitting on the train are breathtakingly beautiful. If you haven’t heard about the manga before then we will fill you in with more details about it.

Where can you stream Rail Romanesque?

Most people don’t know where they can watch the Japanese anime series. There are some online streaming sites that have Japanese anime series in English subtitles but the sites don’t offer good quality. Some don’t have the right subtitles and some don’t have a good video quality.

If you want to enjoy good quality anime series then you can catch Rail Romanesque on the Tokyo MX channel. The channel is the official broadcaster of Rail Romanesque and you will be able to catch the high-quality video and sound quality of the anime series. The series is 5 minutes and is considered to be a short series. The season of the anime consists of 12 episodes.

Who are the characters of Rail Romanesque?


Rail Romanesque has some of the most interesting anime characters that you will ever witness in an anime. The characters that have a major role to play in the series as follows:

  • Aya Suzaki
  • SuzushiroSumire
  • UesakaSumire
  • Uesaka RanAya
  • UchidaIyoKōAi
  • FurihataAkaTomoyo
  • KurosawaRiiko
  • Yurika Kubo
  • KakaaMai
  • NagaiShirogane
  • Tenka Hashimoto
  • SuikaAyaka
  • IgasakiKakaa
  • Mai Nagaiuika
  • Ayaka Igasaki

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Who is the team behind Rail Romanesque?

Rail Romanesque has been created by some of the most talented anime team. The members of the team have created some of the best anime series. The anime is produced by Studio Saetta. The production house has produced much other popular anime series before. The character designing has been done by Takayuki Noguchi. Koichi Motomura is in charge of scriptwriting and the background scores have been done by AYUMI ONE.

What is special about Rail Romanesque?

The human module control rails help the audience to witness different characters in which an alternate reality is described in a beautiful way. Each module tells us the story of a different character. Some characters are warm and friendly while others are aloof and lonely.

What is the plot of Rail Romanesque?

Rail Romanesque has been adapted by a visual novel with the name Rail Romanesque. The anime series tells the story about an orphan boy who accidentally wakes up a Railroad. The lord and the boy team up to save the town from water pollution and other risks and dangers that are a threat to the human world.

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What is the release date of Rail Romanesque?

The official website of Rail Romanesque has already announced the release date of the anime series. The popular Japanese anime series would broadcast on October 2, 2020. The fans of the series are excited because the trailer of the anime looks interesting and thrilling. The readers who have read the novel are super excited to watch the anime adaptation of their favorite novel.

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