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Quarantine-Special Southern Charm Season Release Date, Plot & Other Updates

All the fans must be excited to know that charmers of South Carolina’s social circle are coming back with a new season. The quarantine special is expected to come out next month. The reality show comes on Bravo Channel and the concept of the series is quite innovative.

The contestants will witness exclusive self-shot footage during the time when coronavirus hit Charleston. There are many details given by the makers as they have stated that the reality show is going to be a lot better than before. Bravo Channel has stated that this new season will present the audition of Leva Bonaparte, Madison LeCroy, and John Pringle. Here are more details regarding the new season.

What is Southern Charm all about?


Southern Charm revolves around the personal and professional lives of socialites who are residing in South Carolina. There are a lot of charmers from the previous season who is going to be featured in the show along with the new ones. You will get to see some important people including Craig Conover, Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll, and Shep Rose. In the press release, people from Bravo channel have talked about the story of each of the charmers.

Kathryn’s Gossip Trouble

Kathryn is from a small town and she has a huge role in the reality show. She is grilled by her friends and has to answer some questions from her friends and all these things leave her friends to doubt her motives. She has a habit of gossiping in a very strange way that puts her into hot waters.

Therapy and Quarantine

southern charm 3

Shep has found the love of his life and he was a long-time bachelor. He is equipped with a new therapist and his attitude seems to have improved a lot as well. Even though he has found the perfect partner the couple can easily survive the pressures of daily life and looking forward to the honeymoon phase as soon as the quarantine phase gets over.

A Balancing Act

If we talk about Craig he lights up the show like never before. He is trying to reconcile with his wife and also thriving with professional endeavors. His company named Sewing down south has become successful in a very short time and he is coming up with the best ideas to get his personal as well as professional affairs in good shape. In the meantime, it seems that Austen has also got her ways to handle both personal and professional endeavors.

Honeymoon Hindered

Another popular theme for this reality show is honeymoon hindered that features Madison and Austen’s relationship. He himself is convinced that he is the one for her but the woman realizes that she isn’t in love yet. The pandemic is threatening to keep them apart for some more time and she is making sure that her feelings are sorted out very soon. Patricia can’t decide to become the matchmaker here as both Austen and Madison should know what they want. Madison seems to like the idea of a set up with a new person and give his life another chance.

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When will Southern charm release?

The quarantine special of Southern charm will be releasing on 25th October 2020. All the contestants in the series will try to win the heart of audiences with their self-shot footage. Looking at the details we can feel that it is going to be very interesting.

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