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Pocky & Rocky Reshrined All Set For Pre-Order On Gaming Console

Natsume Inc., ININ Games, and Taito have worked on the new video game Pocky & Rocky Reshrined together and the gamers are expecting some amazing. Pocky & Rocky is one of the most anticipated video games of this year because the leading gaming developers have worked together on it. If you have been waiting for Pocky and Rocky, then read the post to find out more about it.

Pocky & Rocky Available For Pre Order

Pocky and Rocky will be available for pre-order on Nintendo Switch and PS4. The remaster of the game was released last month which made the fans of the game very much excited. If you want to get hold of the game as soon as possible then you should pre-order it. The game developers will also be releasing a Limited Edition and a Collector’s Edition by ININ games. It will be made available for pre-order through Strictly Limited Games.

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Pocky & Rocky Features

Pocky and Rocky will be equipped with all-new graphic upgrades. It will be coming with improved audio, and so much more. All the gamers who want to go the extra mile will enjoy the gaming features. The highly limited Collector’s Edition will be equipped with exclusive special collectibles that will only be available for the players who pre-order the game. If you are looking to pick up either version of the game on the regular release, then you can do so through Gamestop or through Amazon.

President and CEO of Natsume Inc Official Statement about Pocky & Rocky

“We are very excited to be so close to releasing Pocky & Rocky Reshrined!” shared Hiro Maekawa, President, and CEO of Natsume Inc. “In honor of the highly anticipated return of Pocky & Rocky, we created a special keychain of our heroic shrine maiden that we think fans will love. Pocky and Rocky’s adventures will soon continue!”

Pocky & Rocky Gameplay

Pocky & Rocky will follow the adventures of a young shrine maiden. The maiden is named Pocky and she sets on a journey with her companion, Rocky the raccoon. They attempt to take down the evil Black Mantle. The Gameplay of the game takes place from a top-down perspective. It features both single-player and cooperative modes. The players will have to stay alert all through the levels of the game.

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined comes with a multi-directional scrolling shooter. The classic 16-bit style comes with improved graphics, sound, and fun! The adventures of Pocky and Rocky will come with the latest installment. It is an action-packed original shrine maiden shooting series. The new game will be developed by the original development team behind the Tengo Project. The colorful trailer of the game will be reminiscent of the original SNES game that will be launched almost thirty years ago.

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