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PS5 (PlayStation 5): Release Date, Price, Specs and Updates

The next console generation game is about to be released and fans cannot wait anymore. PS5 rumours are making rounds often. Sony has told about their plans for releasing this game very soon. There is still a lot we don’t know about this magnificent game.

PS5 sheet, what do you need to know?

The PS5 is rumoured to be the next big thing. According to Sony it would be bigger and better than ever before. The first image was released sometime back and it has the same boxy design we have seen so far. This time new features are being introduced to make it more interesting there will be a dual shock and the game will be easily installed by using SSD.

PS5 Release date and price

As PS4 was a huge success so don’t expect PS5 to have a very low price. We can just hope it’s affordable for all the game lovers. There are rumours it will come out at $399 price. The CEO of Sony, Jim Ryan confirmed that PS5 will be releasing during the holiday season of might be released with PS pro making it even more interesting.

PS5 Specs

PS5 specs are yet to be named as confirmed by the makers of the game. They gave hints that specs will feature CP based and AMD’s third-generation processor. The graphic cards will have ray tracing. Ray tracing is an expensive ultralight technology which became popular because of the very own RTX cards. The fast-paced 20 GHz will double the power and capacity of Xbox and Xbox one. PS5 will have a 3D audio and you can experience a wonderful sound through your headphones. The resolution is as high as 8K. It will also have a blue ray player which is going to be a massive inclusion this time around.

The game will now come in an improved form altogether, it will load faster and have a better quality all around. SSD will additionally allow the players do download various sections of the game in less than 15 seconds. The game and its story are going to be ultra-fast and game addicts will have the time of their life. The graphics and visuals will be dramatic and pleasing at the same time.

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PS5 games titles to expect

PS5 is yet to be confirmed. It has to be speculated which titles we are going to have. Ghosts of Tsushima also did not get any confirmed release date. Maybe we can expect PS4 and PS5 to come together. Don’t be surprised if we get sequels of some of the mega-hits like PS4 God of war and Spiderman on PS5. The long wait is over and the last part of US part 2 is finally coming out. All these titles and game news seem very exciting. We can’t wait to experience all the fun!.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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