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My Engineer Episode 13 Release Date, Updates and Streaming Details

My Engineer is a Thai television series that has gained a lot of attention from different people around the globe. The story revolves around Engineering students and the budding love stories between different characters. There are 14 episodes in total and with the release of 13th episode season, one is coming to an end. Nowadays Thai, Japanese, and South Korean television series are becoming popular as people always like to watch something different from what their country is offering. In this article we will be discussing some important updates, release date, and streaming details.

My Engineer Plot and Review

The plot of My Engineer revolves around the character of Bohn who is an engineering student. He starts a revenge plan against the innocent first-year medical student. Frequent meetings of Bohn and Duen lead to a love affair and they get involved with each other. The story revolves around other couples in college and how their relationship differs from one another. The lead cast of the show is Cooper Patpasit, Poy Kritsanapong, and Ryan Pen while the supporting cast is also wonderful. College love stories which feature love-hate relationship are mostly loved by youth and this may be a reason why people are watching this series.

The cast has given good performances and you will easily connect with all the characters due to their fine performance. There are frequent twists coming out in the show and as the show is the short term the story has a good pace too. Once the first season ends people are expecting a sequel and hoping that their favorite characters will be back soon. There is already a feeling of sadness and people think they are missing the series already. When a good show is on-air people connect with it instantly and they become attached to the characters. Youth-oriented plots are loved by young people and they are anticipating watching the episodes every week. The way Bohn and Duen fall in love is to watch out for although Bohn starts taking his revenge and gives out flowers to her. It wins her heart slowly and steadily and they get to enjoy a lot of important things like life. Their college life is one thing but they value other relationships in life.

My Engineer Episode 13 streaming details and release date

My engineer Episode 13 will be releasing on 23rd May 2020. The new episode airs every Saturday according to the standard Thailand time. You can catch up with the episodes as there are many streaming websites. All downloads are good in quality and you can catch up with the episodes in English Subtitles. My engineer is a telecast on local Thai TV channel Tencent. You can also visit the official streaming website of this TV channel as episodes are released after every telecast. You will have to wait for at least one hour for the episodes to be uploaded on the website. There are 14 episodes in total and with the 13th episode telecast, this week season one is soon coming to an end. If you want more updates you can keep checking this space below.

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