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All about PPSC.GOP.PK Jobs Punjab Public Service Commission

Punjab Public service Competitive examination is a provincial competitive exam. It is conducted in Punjab by the Punjab public service commission. They offer recruitment for various civil services of the Government of Punjab to the youngsters. Once people pass the exam they can get various job offers from Punjab Administrative service, Punjab police, and revenue Service as well.


What is a PPSC exam?

Punjab Public service competitive examination is a competitive exam. People who have interested in taking it to have to work hard and prepare with a proper syllabus. The PPSC exam is conducted by the Government of Punjab and they get various job opportunities after completing it. They select the candidates according to merit and the process is transparent and expeditious. The motive behind holding the exams is to promote excellence and professionalism and get the best of candidates.

The major functions after the exam are to conduct interviews for recruitment purposes. Every year the exams are held to give the posts of provincial management services to all the candidates. The candidates will have to take three compulsory subjects and take three optional subjects at the same time. Each of the exams will have 200 marks each and the total marks for the examination will be 1200.

What is the qualification for PPSC?

The Punjab Public services examination is based on the British System of selection. The services examination of Punjab is one of the most difficult and competitive exams. The students will have to work very hard to pass it. Most of the people have this thought in mind that what should be their qualification for PPSC. The candidate who has graduated with a minimum three-year bachelor’s degree can take a part in this exam. The candidates must have a degree or something equivalent to the degree to take a part in the examinations.

How many attempts/chances are there for PPSC?

If as a candidate you are going to take a part in PPSC you must be nervous. You must have these thoughts in mind that if the first attempt goes out of hand or you don’t pass how many chances are left. To clear all the doubts we have confirmed that the candidate can take three attempts in total for the exams.

The PPSC examinations have a new policy now and the number of chances is more. Whether it is writing the exams or getting the interview there will be a total of three chances given to all the candidates. In case the candidate fails the first attempt they have a total of three options.

How can I apply for PPSC?

The process of applying for PPSC is easy as you can do it online as well. You have to visit the official website PPSC.GOB.PK & start doing the following steps.

  • Select the post you want to apply for
  • Pay the fee in the next step
  • Give proper CNIC information to register yourself
  • Personal information must be there
  • Information about education
  • Let them know about your service record and experience
  • The information of the applicant has to be there
  • In the end, you will get the printing of a computer-generated application form.
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