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Fantasy Football Insider: Winning Strategies and Tips

For many football fans, fantasy football is a cheaper form of gambling that allows them to choose a squad of players from different teams playing in actual games. Fantasy football fans would gain points every weekend depending on their chosen player’s performance during actual football matches. 

What’s more, every fan has their own ideas about a game. However, it’s difficult to prove something you cannot control. Fantasy football lets fans decide on team selections, formations, and substitutions. Thus, you can prove your knowledge and intuition on the game. 

If you’re just starting in fantasy football and want to learn more from the pros, here’s a collection of tested strategies and tips to help you win your bets!

Stay in the loop with updates on teams and players.

Like how you keep yourself updated with the FanDuel NFL draft odds when betting on other team sports, it’s essential to keep yourself updated on the latest news about the rising rookies, depth chart issues, and player injuries, among many other crucial updates related to the game, affecting its outcomes. 

For instance, if you know which rookies are deemed by experts to perform better this season, you can pick these players before any manager can pick them. To stay in the loop, subscribe to regular newsletters that follow the league or the teams, and set notifications on your device for updated news. 

Stay active as a team owner.

When you play fantasy football, you must be committed to actively engaging as a team owner. Make the league more interesting and exciting by filling up your rosters and starting your players. You are expected to play together with other team owners every season. You can join social media groups or a Slack channel to engage with other owners, showing your commitment to the game and the community.

Plan a week ahead.

When it comes to waiver wire, you are a week advanced. To avoid getting stuck, practice selecting a few backups before your bye week. Say you are confident and optimistic about the playoffs, you may look forward to the championship game and start picking a solid defense for the final game. 

This way, you will feel more in control of the game and less sorry and downhearted if anything goes south for your team. At least, you know you are prepared and come up with an informed decision based on the combination of research and your intuitions. 

Create unique rankings on your own.

Many would think fantasy football is like any other betting game, saying it is about pure luck. Well, that is partly true. However, fantasy football is also about strategy. That is why you must come up with unique rankings on your own and not just draft like anyone else. 

Consider some approaches your league mates won’t do, like adjusting the league settings. More than looking at the players, check out other crucial factors like the league format, draft flow, and competition, among other soft spots and game settings.

Use the IR position.

Setting aside suspended and injured players on the injured reserve spot is possible in some leagues. But, if the injured reserve spot is just holding an injured player, try to select a couple of players starting the year on the injured reserve spot after your draft and then drop a player. Lastly, let these players settle at the bottom of your roster. 

Know the league scoring.

Leagues aren’t created the same. As a team owner or manager, you must learn the ins and outs of these leagues, including crucial league scoring and other settings. This way, you can identify in advance which oppositions hold more value. Most importantly, league scoring directly affects your draft strategy as it can define the outcomes of all matches in the league. 

Don’t go back and forth.

Switching between rankings and repetitively rethinking your decisions can be stressful. As much as possible, avoid going back and forth. If you have finalized your decision, just let the game start and let go of the anxiety. Remember that fantasy football is not all about winning your draft, it is also about enjoying your fantasy roster. Besides this, appreciate your small wins, even the realization of your most trivial intuition on the game. 

Final Thoughts

Many would think fantasy football is about picking and assembling your favorites in your fantasy roster. However, it is more than just picking a couple of guys solely based on your intuition. Some strategies can help you win your drafts. The tips we have mentioned here are just a few of the many strategies you can try to become an excellent league mate. Besides aiming to win, keep in mind that football is meant to be exciting and entertaining, so don’t get too invested in your fantasy drafts. Witness the matches like how an avid football fan would do.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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