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Pokémon The Movie: New PV Released

Pokemon The Movie: Coco will be the 23rd movie to be released by the Pokemon franchise. The previous films of the Pokemon franchise were well received by the audience and the fans were expecting a lot from Pokemon The Movie: Coco. The movie has been delayed and it has been announced on the official website of the Pokemon franchise. Let’s get to know more about the movie. We have gathered all the updates for the fans of the Pokemon fans. You don’t have to search the internet for updates regarding the movie because we have all the details summed up in this post.

When will Pokemon The Movie: Coco release?

Pokemon The Movie: Coco has recently released a new PV for the film. The PV shows us the preview of the movie and has made the fans very excited. The movie was scheduled to release on July 10 but due to the pandemic, it will be delayed. The makers have revealed that the movie will now release in December in the Japanese theaters. The new promotional video had the lead character Zarude. We witnessed him as a powerful person and the audience also got to see a few snippets of its past with Coco.

What are the latest updates on Pokemon The Movie: Coco?

The official website of the franchise has been very active and has released a lot of new information about the upcoming film. A campaign by the name of Thirty One Poke Summer was held on August 4 to celebrate the new film.  The fans were also given a chance to win many gifts and movie tickets by drinking the Lipovitan D drink. The film will be getting a winter release now and the makers have already started the promotional activities. The fans are excited about Pokemon The Movie and are waiting patiently to watch the movie in the theaters.

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Who is the team behind Pokemon The Movie: Coco?


Jessie, James, and Meowth are the rocking team that has teamed up together once again to create another masterpiece. The team also introduced the special character Pokemon Go at a special event. Pokemon The Movie: Coco will have a few changes in the plot and the movie will focus on the battle between humans and Pokémons.

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What is the expected story of Pokemon The Movie: Coco?

The first movie of the Pokemon franchise made its debut in 1996 and the franchise has already released many new movies of the Pokemon franchise. Pokemon The Movie: Coco where humans are responsible for catching the monsters in a pocket-sized poke.  The monsters are creatures that have a lot of powers and they are hard to catch by humans.

Humans have to do everything to stop the monsters from destroying the earth and are ready to do anything to fight the monsters. The movie is about the character of a teenage boy who is the best Pokemon trainer and has the ability to catch the monsters.  Ash Ketchum is the boy who has powers and skills to tame the Pokemon. The movie will focus on the character of the boy and will also tell the story of some other important characters.

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