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Alex Rider New Season, Plot, Cast & All Other Updates

Alex Rider is a popular UK series that will soon come back with a new season. Many fans are delighted to know that a new season will finally be coming out. It has got worldwide fame and recognition in a short time and looking at the popularity the channel decided to have a new season. The new season will feature a lot of interesting twists and turns and the filming is about to begin very soon. The production of the new series will take about 22 weeks because the producers want to make sure that people like it even more than the first season.

What is the plot of Alex Rider?

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The plot of the series revolves around a central character Alex Rider. The teen was recruited by a special branch of MI6 and he undertakes special missions. Even though the missions are challenging but they are formed keeping his age factor in mind. In the first season, we saw that Alex got to know that his uncle was killed in a special mission in the UK. The British Intelligence team couldn’t take care of him and he had to suffer because of it.

Alex is suddenly approached by a special agent from MI6 and they let him know that he has been trained by them since sometime in his childhood. Alex also becomes curious and he is also forced to investigate the real reason for his uncle’s death. He becomes a spy and foes to a boarding school where there are many billionaire kids. He discovers something unusual and a lot of twists come in the storyline. The scenes that are created for the missions are worth watching.

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What are the new updates for Alex Rider?

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Alex Rider is based on the book that is written by Anthony Horowitz. Even though the story is adapted from the novel there are many twists and turns that are created for the TV audience. The story is captured in such a way that it can fulfill the requirements of the new and old generation. Everyone has loved the direction while the performances of all the actors have also been loved. Recently a trailer was released by the makers and all the fans love it. The trailer gives an idea about what can happen in the second season. The plot made by the mad scientist will make Alex very anxious.

Who is in the cast of Alex Rider?

The series Alex Rider has some of the best cast members and they have given great performances. Let us take the name of the cast members below:

  • Otto Farrant
  • Haluk Bilginer
  • Vicky McClure
  • Ana Ularu
  • Brenock O’Connor
  • Marli Siu

What is the release date of Alex Rider?

Alex Rider will release on 13th November 2020 so you can mark your calendars for this date. You can start watching the show as soon as it comes out. The first season has already made a great impact on everyone. Watch the series for bigger twists and turns and don’t forget to tell us what you think about the new season. 

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